I’m Sorry Honey, I Slept With Two Women Today

Infidelity in any relationship comes with a great price, I believe nobody planned to do it, but when it’s happened, it is a scenario so sad to behold, Below is Olaide Story as sent to us, please don’t forget to drop a comment to help him decide on the next step to take

I feel so ashamed about what I did, but truth be told I love my wife. Last Tuesday was her birthday, we had a little celebration, and it was fun. My wife has been my best friend this few years, and I am always so happy to be with her.

I met her while we were serving in Enugu –  South Eastern Nigeria, we fell in Love, did so many things together, I used her father’s connection to get a job and we were married thereafter.

Before this ugly incident, we had a little argument and as usual I allowed her to win but she was not convinced that I had given up so she denied me Sex for two days. At first, I thought she was joking when she carefully avoided our bedroom and choose to stay at the Visitor’s room.

My wife has never been this stubborn, we’ve been married for just 6months, she was always willing and ready to make it with me any time and most time she will even prepare romantic candle just to make sure we had a nice time together. I never knew marriage was not this easy, but I was determined to make sure I dedicate my life to just her and no one else.

When she asked me to leave the Visitor’s room, I knew it was getting out of hand, so I knelt down and begged for her forgiveness, she left me on my knees and move over to lie down at the sitting room, I had to allow her to rest, hoping that when I wake up everything will be okay.

But I couldn’t sleep, I stood up 2am cover her with a blanket and just sat starring at her beautiful face till the following morning. When she wakes up, she greeted me and we chatted a little, we prepared, left for office. When I returned back from the office, she was already at home. She was on her most sexiest clothing, I just drop my bag went over to kiss her, she push me away and left the house, after about 30 minutes, she send me a text that she was spending the night with her mother.

I became so restless and I picked up my car keys, enter my car and drove out to comfort myself with some few bottles of beer, fortunately, I met one of her close friend, I shared the story with her, before I know what was going on, I ended up in a hotel room with her, as I finish making it with her, one of her friend caught us and demanded that I also make her to feel the same joy, I couldn’t help, I consented.

When I returned back home, I saw my wife on our bed undressed waiting for me. I couldn’t help but shed tears, I told her what happened

“I’m so sorry honey, I Slept With Two Women Today ” she didn’t believe me, we made love and we slept off.

I’m so ashamed of myself, her friends has threaten blackmail if I fail to make love to them when they need it. I’m confused what should I do?

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