I know I’m a dreamer, please let me be

This afternoon, Celine Dione sonorous voice invaded my quiet moment,
“WTF ” I said and tried to concentrate, but her voice became more louder and the lyrics became so clear, that I could hear something like:
” I’ve seen the tears and the heartache, and I felt the pain
I’ve seen the hatred in so many lives, and lost in vain
And yet through this darkness there’s always a light that shines through”

I stood up, walk in to where my brother was reading, Lo and behold “Bob Marley Redemption song was on the replay” he had informed me earlier that Bob Marley was his greatest music icon of all time, and I was happy I didn’t question him about the strange voice of Celine Dione that keep ringing hope in my ear, maybe he wouldn’t have believed me.

When I return back to my writing desk, the television screen suddenly come up and Alicia Keys provided a very loud song that echoed kindness into my brain.
“We are here
We are here for all of us
We are here for all of us
That’s why we are here, why we are here
We are here”
Her voice reduces the tensions and pains that was passing through my neck and strengthen my Pen to ink on. I became so afraid when I realized that there was no light but the Television was still on with Alicia Keys shouting at me with hope.

I stroll back to look at my brother and it was still that same redemption song that was on, I just watched him dance and returned back to my writing desk.
I knew he was confused by my actions that he had to switch off his laptop and phone and then sleep.

Last night, Mike Tyson nearly broke my arms and promise to beat me up if I ever complained about President Trump again, obviously I didn’t complain, he knew I supported Trump, I only asked for President Trump to be cautious, How can he just keep pushing people out of his way, just to look good, he did it to Flynn, Comey and now our European friend. don’t look at me that way, my brother and family still stays in America, they are the reason I supported Trump.

Two weeks ago, I tried to make peace between Ronaldo and Buffon, they were so mad at each other, that the more I tried, the harder it becomes . I had to abandon them to fate after we concluded that they will settle their differences this weekend. I’m still expecting them to call me.

“Good morning, it’s Friday,” I stare up to see who was greeting, chei! I have been dreaming, the voice of my brother brought me back to my sense.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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You almost got me…. Funny you

Elna Brad

Oh my God! Leave Mr Trump alone!

Funny Tom

You better wake up and stop dreaming, before they broke your arms… Lol

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