I Love My Boyfriend But Can’t Have Sex With Him

I have a condition that makes sex painful. Most of my relationships have broken down because of it.
I’ve really tried to make love like a normal person. I’ve experimented with warm, relaxing baths before bed.
I’ve purchased all sorts of sex toys and have been to calming meditation classes that I thought might help me, but nothing has ever worked.

I’ve never enjoyed sex, had an orgasm or felt like a real woman between the sheets. Now I’ve met a wonderful man who insists that sex is not important to him.
He claims he loves me so much that he’s happy with kisses and cuddles. Obviously, I pleasure him and satisfy him in as many ways as he and I can think of, but full intercourse and children aren’t an option for us. He’s such a good person. He’s generous, kind and sensitive.

I just know that he would make an amazing father. Is it wrong of me to hang on to him? Is it my duty to set him free?
Will he ultimately start to resent me – or cheat – due to the lack of sex?

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Written by Nditoeka

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