Love Has No Hate: My Story

Abel Udoekene

I’ve been studying the psychology behind the word love for the past five years. Scientists, Poets, Musicians and a whole lot of people have all tried to give a definition to one of the Word that holds the very core of our existence. The truth is love is love, we all have our own definition and experiences, but that can’t change the fact that ‘there is nothing as sweet as love’

In high school during the only Literature class I attended, love was presented to us in the form of Romeo and Juliet, My teacher then informed us that love required a lot of sacrifice including death, according to her
“The Characters portrays by William Shakespeare is alive in all of you, so when writing your love story, remember, there is no love without sacrifice”

We don’t have to die to prove that we love someone, but we have to give in our best in our relationship.

I went out of the class a completely different person and I had to sacrifice literature for Science because of my teacher’s advice even when she knew about my love for storytelling and writing. “Abel, I know you will be a great writer one day, you love literature, you love science but the school system doesn’t support the two you must choose one” According to her, Choosing was one of the most important step in love. You have to admire, you have to choose, you have to approach the person you choose and the person you choose will either accept, pretend, coexist or reject you.

It wasn’t easy to sacrifice literature, but for the sake of what the system support, I had to let go, I grieved deep inside, pretend outside and move ahead.

I accompanied my teacher and her family to watch “Titanic” once during the holiday and I was amazed at the empire of love she had created for herself. Outside, she was very lonely, frighten and mostly ashamed but deeply she had a family, a husband, a son and two daughters that valued and appreciated her so much. When I asked her why she was so lonely outside, she told me it was her only sacrifice to keep her family safe and happy.

We reviewed the movie together, we argued about the sacrifice part, from Kate and James, “she saved him and he saved her” that was our talking point. “You see, she ignored entering the boat just to go back for Jack, and Jack also saved her” I tried to imagine how I can develop my own love story in a way that will inspire the World. The truth is love seems to be different to so many people. Sometimes, you have to let go of your feelings and face the reality, because falling in love is so easy, staying in love seem to be so hard.

“I only thought that true love exist in fairly tale, but your story is amazing, thank you” I said. And our little get together was dismissed.

“Love has no hate, Love requires sacrifice.” that has always been my own definition of love.
But you have to know the difference between disagreement and hatred, anger and argument, jealousy and envy,Ignoring someone and silence.
So what’s your own definition of love?

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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