My Own Past Inspired Me: Survivor Osborne

by Ashna Kumar, SUVA

On three different occasions, Sera Osborne tried to end her own life.

It all started in her mind. Waves of depressing thoughts overwhelmed her on those three different occasions. Life was meaningless and not worth living.

But today, Ms Osborne values every single day like there is no tomorrow.

She loves her three children and the life they have ahead of them.

She also helps those who attempt to take their lives through suicide.

She boldly shares her story in the hope that it will inspire others to live and love life.

Ms Osborne, 28, is the youngest board member of the Psychiatric Survivors Association.

Here is her story:

“I was ten-years-old when my parents got separated and since then all negatives thoughts about life built up in my mind.”

“I was more attached to my father who passed away last year, than my mother.

“I missed being with my father but I could not do much.

“While growing up, the support, love, attention and care I needed from both of my parents were not there and it kept building up in my mind which led to my losing interest in school works.

“No one in my family was aware that I had attempted suicide.

“My first attempt was in 2010 where I had overdosed myself with sleeping pills. This was because I was being abused emotionally, physically and verbally so many times by my then partner.

“With that, the pain I had carried along from the time my parents got separated and having teachers who would emotinally abuse me for not performing well in class.

“My second attempt was in late 2010, I had tried to cut my blood veins in my wrist. This was because I was bottling things up and all the thoughts of being sexually abused by two close relatives flashed back. I felt hopeless and low.

“The third one was when I was cheated upon by my second partner. It was so painful but this time I had no intentions of ending my life but I wanted to get rid of the pain, frustrations and loneliness I felt.

“My past has made me learn a lot and it is because of my past experiences that I am standing here today living my life to the fullest with my three kids.

“I had seen an advertisement on television about mental health and its symptoms and I related to seven symptoms.

“I had gone for counselling before, but I never had anyone that I could open my heart and share my story with.

“So I joined the Psychiatric Survivors Association to get further help.

“I am fortunate that I am able to live a better life and learn from it before I went in and shared my stories with other women and children out there.

“I would just like to advise those who may have suicidal thoughts – to have patience and make friends with people who will listen to your stories and appreciate you rather than judge you.”

Originally Published at Fiji Sun

Photo Credits: Jone Luvenitoga

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