One Truth, Many Lies

I Know they have told you so much about me. But I’m still alive, so I won’t let their lies bury my shine.
I will tell you the truth and everything that happened that Friday morning, maybe my story will inspire someone out there to believe in life again.

My name is Earl and I call myself a writer.
“Earl, What makes you a writer?” some people keep wondering, but I guess I will leave you to judge me and them after you have finished hearing my confession. But if you insist I do it now, just listen to their lies logically and you will understand why they are against me.

Few weeks ago on a Friday morning, I had a call from my ex girlfriend. Danielle is her name, she was a lady I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She was beautiful, brilliant and she used to love me before things changed and she left me for a more better person according to her.

When my phone rings I just finished my morning drills, “Earl, can we meet by 8am, please don’t say no, it’s very important” I didn’t wish to see her, not that I hated her or I was afraid of seeing her, it just that the thought of how she left me for my best friend keeping hunting me day and night.

Because of her, I was not in good terms with my mum. I ignored my best friend Max at Lancaster when he punched me and I insulted my sister at home for calling me weak, “a man who is so afraid to speak for himself” I Knew she was right, I should have fought with Max, I should have let him know that no man is better then me, but I guess I was being careful. Not everything should be gotten by violence.

When I arrived Danielle apartment, her front door was wide open, there was a loud sound of country music coming out from her room.
“Don’t go in, you are not safe” my inner self screamed out. How was I supposed to know it was a trap.

I stood there for over 10 minutes struggling with my thought “Mr nice man, you better turn back” when I couldn’t control myself any longer I started to walk towards her apartment, suddenly, the police van arrive from no where,
“That’s him, that’s the murderer” was all I could hear, I was beaten and drag to the Police station.

Max was dead and I was being accused wrongly, I haven’t seen him for weeks, but seeing me at the scene of the crime was enough for the police to judge and put me behind bars.
“You were not in good terms with Max”
They asked.
“People disagree, but that’s not enough reason to kill, I didn’t kill him”

A young lady appeared claiming to be Danielle’s neighbor, and narrated how I killed Max, her words were so emotional, I wasn’t given any chance to question her. They didn’t allow me to contact my family, I was not given any opportunity to defend myself.
But in the horror of their confusion something happens, Danielle didn’t cover her tracks well.

“Earl, you are free to go” I didn’t believe my ear at first.
“They lied about you” When I left the Cell, I trekked down to my apartment, bath, rest and then struggled to type this note to you to let you know why I get into detention. They might have told you so many things about me, but don’t believe them, I am here now, I don’t care to know who killed Max, I’m just happy to breath this fresh air.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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