I was rejected ten times, but I never gave up writing.

Just before my first major breakthrough in writing, I almost gave up. I was concentrating majorly on newspaper editorial, feature articles and special reports.

I remember once, there was an event organize by the United nation close to our family house and I had compiled the report of the event with good quality pictures forwarded it to the editorial crew of a popular magazine only to get a very damaging rejection letter, I was accused of plagiarism and they advised me to go to school and leave reporting for the professional.

I dumped the notes and the article on my desk and stroll out to meet my grandmother. I didn’t discuss what happened with my grandmother, but we discussed on how I can become a good writer. We laugh, talked and ate together.

Few weeks later, my grandmother brought me $200 dollars plus the magazine, she had send my article to the editorial crew before me with a different name, I was amazed, she told me I needed to use a pen name so that I won’t get into problems with my father since he did not support the idea of me becoming a writer.

I went back home to  look at where I had kept the note, I couldn’t find it, I searched everywhere, then I realized my mother was starring at the note in her room crying. When I met her she pretended, I showed her the article on the magazine and pleaded with her not to tell father.

Later that evening, I saw my father and grandmother discussing about the article, my father shower so much praises on the writer of the article and was hoping to meet the writer to help him write his Auto biography sometimes in the future.

I started attending stage play session in college and I   was so interested in creating a very good stage play for our school , but I didn’t have the opportunity till I got my first breakthrough.

How did it happen? a magazine had send in a letter to my other name requesting that I help cover the Rwandan genocide in Africa, and I  accepted the offer. My grandmother collected all the necessary documents and information from the magazine for me, we lied to father that I was on a school trip to France.

The trip was my first to Africa  and I really enjoyed my stay in Africa, when I  I returned back home , I presented the report to my grandmother and she forwarded it to him, and  later that year, I won the editorial award for best reporting and my father was the first person that broke the news to me, because grandmother had informed her about all we went through just to keep it a secret.

He bought me my first car and I moved out of the house to stay on my own, I became a central figure, wrote scripts for presentation by my school team. It has been fun all the way, I  was rejected ten times, but I never gave up writing.

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Written by Phil Collins

Good news enthusiast, always looking at the brighter side of life


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You know it doesn’t work out like that for others, yours was a very good example… I will. Always stick with writing, I won’t give up. Thank you for sharing your story

Abel Udoekene Jnr

We all face rejection one way or the other the bottom line is how we deal with it

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