Teenager who sold virginity for £2 million says ‘it was all a lie’

The teenager who allegedly sold her virginity for £2 million has claimed it was all a lie. Aleexandra Kefren, 19, auctioned herself off to the highest bidder on notorious website Cinderella Escorts in November, 2016.

The website, founded by Jan Zakobielski, has dozens of so-called virgins up for auction, and boasts about having Hollywood actors as clients. Aleexandra gave the site global notoriety after she sat down with Holly and Phil on This Morning.

At the time, the then 18-year-old told the hosts that she was inspired by the 1993 film Indecent Proposal, and needed the money to stop her parents being evicted from their home. Bidding started at $1 million (£700,000) and four months later in March, 2017, Cinderella Escorts announced that the Romanian teenager had sold her virginity for a staggering €2.3 million (£2m)

A year later, Aleexandra has come forward claiming it was all a publicity stunt for a website that allegedly tricks young women into sex work by making them believe they can make thousands. In an interview with porn site Sugarcookie, Aleexandra said ‘it never happened’.

The 19-year-old said she was approached by Cinderella Escorts on social media about a ‘marketing proposal’ that would accelerate her modelling career and turn her into a celebrity. Aleexandra said she was told her family back in Romania would never find out.

But after her appearance on This Morning attracted a global audience, she said she lost her family and friends. When approached by Metro.co.uk, she said the alleged stunt ruined her life.

‘It’s hard for me,’ she said. ‘I went through depression, it was truly hard. ‘I had to have therapy sessions.’

The owner of Cinderella Escorts has denied the claim that Aleexandra’s auction was a publicity stunt to attract young women into sex work. Zakobielski told Metro.co.uk: ‘Talk about girls who make allegations against us are just not existent. He added: ‘We never in our history have had a single report against us.’ However, Zakobielski did confirm that Aleexandra never met the unnamed businessman from Hong Kong.

But he said it was because his ‘security system’ discovered pictures Aleexandra with her rapper boyfriend on Instagram. On Aleexandra’s Instagram page, a post from May 2017 appears to suggest she was married a little over a month after Cinderella Escorts announced she had hold sold her virginity. Aleexandra told Metro.co.uk that she is finally coming to terms with what happened. ‘I’m not hurting anymore,’ she said. ‘I have a husband, I have a really great life right now.’

Source: Metro

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