The Syria I Know

Trust me, Asad is a very bad man, I don’t need you to believe me, but when you see what has happened to this beloved country called Syria in the past few years, you will understand that a place known for its wonderful mountains, amazing deserts, lovely and peaceful people has now become an heaven for terrorist.

How did we get here? I thought you will never asked. I first visit Syria 10 Years ago on a business and research tour, I didn’t like the idea of visiting Syria after my experience in Turkey but I was willing to understand the sociological insight into the Syrian Story.

As a journalist, one thing that keep me going is ability to tell the untold truth behind every story, because I believe in every lies, there is a truth, in every war, there is peace, in every disagreement, there is agreement .

To really understand and feel the pains of the Syrian people, you need to be there, you need to be on the ground. I know you won’t believe me, there are thousands of people that love and worship Asad, there are also thousands of people that hate him, but truth must be told, Asad is one man that love power and is willing and ready to do everything to be relevant, he kills, he love, he hates, he victimized, ‘he is just being human’ that’s the picture you may want to believe.

My stay in Syria was just for 2 weeks but the love and happiness of my host in Syria was wonderful, I remembered telling them that I will love to come and visit them during a vacation with my family.

The Syria I Know and visited was that of love, hope and freedom. The Syrian people I met during my stay in Syria were peace loving, and caring people . So many things has changed since then, But we ‘the people’ haven’t, sometimes I cried for Syrian people.

Please let light up our candles and pray for the children of Syria, war is terrible, They need peace.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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