Think Of Her As Your Mother

I remembered her clearly, I saw her walk through the door into his apartment, then suddenly the noise and shouting begins.30 minutes after the shouting and screaming, our neighbor emerges from his room with thundering cheers from his friends who were outside listening and boasting of his strength and durability in their small World of game.

I was standing close to my window watching and looking as the scene unfolds.
“so how was it?” One of his friends asked.
“just 2 round, let me freshen up and go back, she can’t just eat my money and go like that”
The Smiles and chain laughter from his friends were sign of agreement and commendation.

“That’s my man, give her what you got, but wait ooo, seriously, why don’t you entertain her? ” One of his friends asked.
“She ate ice cream at la creme, ate chicken at quick bike, ate rice at food affairs, drink coke at Kilamanjoro, the list continues, please let me entertain her my own way” His reply was shocking, but he didn’t wait to entertain any more questions as he left his friends and went back into his room and the shouting continues.

“Please don’t kill me” The voice from inside pleaded. His response was brutal, “Shut up and lie down here” While his friends were busy laughing, drinking and cheering him up, I was so sad wondering what will happen to us, if he succeeds in killing the poor lady in our compound.

“What about love? ” I tried to weigh all the options. Love doesn’t brag, love is kind, love means care.
“I thought he said he love her” My voice produce a pause to their little fun and enjoyment ”
“What do you know about love?” One of his friends asked.
“don’t mind him, he is just another woman in man’s trousers” another one responded.

Feeling lonely and disappointed, I jumped out of my shadow and approach his door without any fear or shame.
“It’s enough sir, please think of her as you mother” I said after a hard knock on his door.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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