Today she is wailing again

By Girl from the South

Have you seen her writings?
Did she tell you about that time she had an opportunity to change the world in her small corner which she never did?
Yes she chickened out.

She never tells you about the struggles of the African woman,
She makes you believe success comes ‘easy’.
She is here to deceive you;
To make you believe men are evil while she goes home to the comfort of a man’s arms.

She tells you to run out the door ,the moment he acts in any way in consistent with the rules she has laid out for you.
She doesn’t advise you to work it out after all men will never change.

To tell you its okay to be ‘single’ but she doesn’t add successful what then will you tell the world you were busy with?
To make you give yourself an award that a 100people like your posts and viola you are a social media celebrity.

To make you comfortable in being an under achiever,
To make you scream gender equality when really that is an impossibility,
Tomorrow she will make you question why God is a man.

Draw near let me re-educate you!!
A woman is not equal to a man,
She is the only being the good Lord didn’t give instructions to Love because she is Love herself,
She is complex hence men are advised to Love her,
She is almost self-sufficient hence it is the man who is advised not to be alone.

Woman do not take the analogies of those urging you with the case-studies of Chimamanda who did not change their name even after being married,
Do not forget the name Chimamanda is a brand name.
Woman be in-love and stay if you are being treated well.

Woman be successful and you will never speak about ‘feminism’ for it is a word for weaker vessels which you are not.
Woman go conquer the world.
Go to school if you must.
Hustle till your bank account reflects your titles.

Ask at all times to be treated like a human being not like a woman.
No trouble you face is synonymous to your “specifics” (even the men are being asked by women for sexual favours before help is offered)
Now choose who your heroine is!!!

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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I’m glad to see someone with a good idea.. Feminism to me is trash… Women deserve more than it..

Phil Collins

Well, I’m in total support of humanity…. Any other thing is fake… Niece write up

Elna Brad

There are two side to Feminism.. Trust me, I don’t like any

That Ghanaian Girl

I am African, I believe so much in your lines.. We are love, we should learn to respect each other, Feminism is just like all those other stuffs, we don’t need them

I was rejected ten times, but I never gave up writing.

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