Army of Darkness Deleted Scenes plus the Alternate Opening and E

*The deserts of southern California were used as medieval England, circa 1300 AD. This is obvious when Ash heads off to get the Necronomicon and rides past the Vasquez Rocks.

*The film was released as Captain Supermarket in Japan:


*Dark Horse’s Army of Darkness comic adaptation of the film features many unfilmed and deleted scenes (such as the the “temple ruins” sequence).

*Army of Darkness originally had a more downbeat and depressing ending – after defeating the Army of Darkness the wise men presented Ash with a sleeping potion and advise him to drink an exact number of drops that will allow him to sleep for the next few centuries until he awakens in his own time. After being sealed up in a cave by King Arthur’s knights, Ash gets distracted and takes too many drops of the sleeping potion, causing him to wake up after the Apocalypse and finding himself trapped in a wasteland, screaming in madness. The producers disliked this ending as they felt it did not mesh well with the overall tone of the film, so the S-Mart ending replaced it. (included in video)

*There is also an alternate opening for the film, using the same voiceover and much of the same footage (including Bridget Fonda as Linda), but also includes close-ups of only Ash’s eyes as he’s telling the story. This opening is meant to tie back to the original ‘Apocalypse’ ending, so that when there is the reveal of his beard and manic appearance, we realize the entire film is Ash re-telling the story in flashback from the future. While it was filmed (and was in the first drafts of the script), it was never used. (also in video)

*Bruce Campbell’s father and older brother appear as knights of Lord Arthur. Campbell’s brother, Don, is one of the soldiers that grabs Ash in the beginning of the film, while his father, Charles Campbell, is one of the knights that gets killed early on in the battle at the castle.

*Sam Raimi’s brother, Ted, plays four people in the film.

*Bruce Campbell’s wife, Ida, was the costume designer on the film. *Army of Darkness was originally conceived as the second film in the series, and some trade magazines even released advertisements announcing its production (under the title of Evil Dead II: Evil Dead and the Army of Darkness) in 1984. Thanks to a lowered budget and Dino De Laurentiis desiring a movie that was more like the original, that concept was shelved in favor of the Evil Dead II we know now.

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