Bizarre Items That People Have Used to Wipe Their Butts

When you Lack Toilet Paper or Wipes, What to do?

Probably, you use toilet paper or wet wipes to clean your butt after a number 2 at the toilet. But did you know that people have used some of the most bizarre items to wipe their butts in the past? Well, in this post, we are going to look at some of these weird things that have been employed to wipe off people’s bums.

  • Maize on the cob

Before the invention of the toilet paper by the Chinese people, people would use corn on the cob. I do not know how that felt like but those must have been interesting times. What if one of the corns dislodged itself from the cob and stuck up your rectum, huh?

  • Soft leaves.


In most rural areas where people see no value of constructing toilets or digging up pit latrines and are content with defecating in the bush, you can be sure that no one cares about toilet paper. So what do they do, they use the next available soft leaf. Woe unto you if the next available leaf is a stinging nettle!

  • Hands

Most Arabs, even today use their left hands to wash their butts with water after visiting the toilet. And that is why, they will never use the left hand to greet you with or use to eat because it is for cleaning their butts.

  • Snow


When mountain climbers run out of toilet paper or wet wipes, they do not worry that much. No, there is snow strewn all over the mountain. So what do they do, they use the snow to make some DIY toilet paper, wipe themselves and they feel cool and fresh afterwards. That sounds cool, doesn’t it?

  • Rope

Sailors have for a long time been using ropes to wipe off their butts after visiting the toilet. So the next time you lack a wet wipe or toilet paper to wipe off, maybe it is time to use a rope, right?

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Written by James Njenga

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