Changing Life With Stories (Series 2)

By Abel Udoekene

This story was sent in by Melinda Graham (South Africa) but edited and re-arrange by our team

“Yes, I can see it in your eyes” She tried to warn me. “But even when you are afraid, don’t forget to Live. My grandmother added.
I tried to tell her that I wasn’t afraid but I was wrong, I was always so afraid, afraid to love, afraid of success, afraid of men, afraid of almost everything.

My fear was not because I was a woman, nor because I was weak, my fear was because of the World I was born to see. A World were everyone was in constant motion and nobody cares about what happened to you, except they want something from you.

“Are you in love?” Her question provoke rain to invade my eyes but the sun that accompanied her beautiful smile dry off the rain.
“I don’t know Mama, Men are just the same”

My answer didn’t go well with her, she tried to tell me the story of love.
“Love is not perfect, so don’t expect a perfect man” I’ve heard this story before, why can’t I just see a man who truly understand and appreciate me.

“Mama, I know” That was when I got her angry, she stood up and left me standing alone in the lobby, with my cat starring and admiring her as she walks away.
“Don’t say you know everything, you are here to learn” She had told me this before, but I’m always afraid that I forget almost everything.

As I stood there alone, I reflected on how blessed I was, my life was a success, I know I had people that truly love me, people who will do everything and anything just to make me smile but I had always let them down.

“I’m sorry” Her warm hand touched my shoulder. “I know you are afraid, it’s okay, I don’t blame you, but don’t forget to Live your dreams, that’s the only thing I ask of you”
I found myself resting in her arm with renewed hope to find true love and live the life of my dreams.

Two years later, she passed on, today am glad I took her advice, I have a place I could home, a love that I’m proud of and a family that make me understand that life is nothing without them.

So no matter what you are going through , you will have a story to tell someday, don’t give up.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.

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