Five Types of Travelers You Meet on Flights.

When you travel by air, you get to meet all kinds of new people. Being stuck in a situation with the most inconsiderate crowd can be a horrible start or end to a wonderful trip. One can certainly make friends or settle for peaceful fellow travelers. Read on to see the types of folks every flyer is bound to meet:

1) The boring business type:

Has a laptop out in the airport lounge, and picks it up only when it’s time to board. The only time the computer is shut is during landing and takeoff. The rest of the time, they are busy tapping away into it but judging by the amount of yawning going on over the keyboard, they might not be getting as much productive work done as they think!

2) The nervy first-timers

You’ll know these people by their expression of mild panic right through. If you could hear the questions running through their heads, it would sound like a storm of doubts – “Am I on time?” “Am I in the right place?” “What do I do with my laptop?” “Where is my boarding gate?” “Where does the baggage come?”. Sometimes, they come over to you and start peppering you with questions. Be patient if you can, and answer, because you were once a first-timer too.

3) The loud, friendly ones

Some folks will take you to heart right away, literally as well as figuratively! These people see airports as stamping ground to make new friends, whom they will diligently keep in touch with. It starts with a friendly “Hello!” and before you know it, you are informed about their destination, why they are going there, where they came from and what they are going to do next. The only way you can disengage if you have stranger anxiety is by pretending to fall asleep.

4) The fashionistas

Whether it’s a 5 am flight, or a 10:30 pm flight, some people will have their hair and make-up on point. Immaculately dressed from head to toe, ultimately tricked out with matching accessories, you look down at your jeans and sneakers and wonder how in the world they manage it.

5) The rule breakers

Everybody knows that you turn off your phones and laptops when the plane taxies to the runway. You don’t turn it back on until the announcement is made. You stay in your seats until they ask you to deplane. You’ll find people blithely texting away even as the plane takes off, and shooting out of their seats the minute it touches down. These are the most annoying people with whom you fly.

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