Guttenberg returns to comedy in “gluten-free” time travel movie

Ultra-low budget independent flick ”Stuck!” reunites Steven Guttenberg and Leslie Easterbrook from the Police Academy franchise, as the boss and mother of ”Stephanie Harms” – one of a team of scientists working on a time travel serum.

After years of failed attempts, the leader of the research group realizes that gluten (of all things!) biologically blocks a key component, meaning only gluten-free Stephanie (portrayed by Ellen Schoeters) can go back in time. But as with most things in her life, she has serious issues with timing…

Hungarian filmmakers Martin Csaba and Kala Czupi shot their first English speaking movie in only 9 days in LA during September, 2018. Besides Ellen Schoeters and the Police Academy stars, the cast also includes Emmy-winning actor Nick Moss and Jim Hanks (brother of Tom).

While the genre is sci-fi/comedy, the creators promise less time travel action than relationship drama: “It’s more like Clerks than Back to the Future”, Martin says who besides writing the movie (the script is based on several true stories of his past relationships) also stars as Stephanie’s impatient boyfriend.
The story takes place over a single day and circles around a ground-breaking historical event (namely, the invention of time travel – or, “mental chrono-teleportation”), hilariously mixed with the more mundane trappings of everyday life (make up, hair-drying, peeing and liking cats on Instagram).
Production companies Drastique Pictures and Parkfilm will be screening the movie in European theatres in the first half of 2019, after which it will then be distributed digitally.






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