How to Build a Home Theater

There are numerous home improvements you can build both outdoors and indoors. However, few as impressive as a theatre room for several reasons. Firstly, a home theatre will facilitate hours of endless fun for the whole family.

Secondly, a fully equipped media room will significantly increase the value of your property since prospective buyers are in love with high-tech gizmos. In order to make the theater room stand out, here are a few tips you’ll find more than useful.


It’s not all about the tech

One of the most common misconceptions about building a theater room is the technology you should install in it. Most homeowners choose to throw in various devices that are rarely going to get used; thus wasting hundreds of dollars. The essence of a media room is to have fun and this can only be achieved by throwing equipment you are actually going to use, even if it were a single flat-screen TV.

Furthermore, you should be obsessed with popular products or famous brands when shopping. What is in vogue in 2020 will be out of fashion next year so it’s wiser to think about what apparatus you wish to see inside your new theater room.

Decide whether the room will primarily be used for listening to music (and watching music videos), playing video games or watching movies. If the latter is your preferred choice, then the screen should be wide, it should have a great sound system, and it should replicate the look and feel of a real cinema.


Get the opinion of a professional

We’ve mentioned that you should not allow yourself to be misled by big brand names when shopping for equipment for your home theater. Sure, the local supermarket or a discount store might hang up the “30% off on TVs” sign but is a cheap TV set what you really want for your theater room?

Big tech companies are in the business of making money but what you need more than several tens of dollars off is a piece of advice. Head to the local hi-fi specialist that will advise you better than the clerks at a big electrical store ever could. They know their customers’ needs better and can advise you on several issues, such as the size of the screen, the quality of the sound system, voltage or certain devices, etc.


Plan from the start

The worst course of action you can take is to make the decision to make the theater room out of a whim. There is the right timing for everything, as the best time to build a theater room is during a home renovation.

A typical entertainment room requires a lot of wiring to be done which means that the walls will have to be remodeled, floorboards removes, and even windows shifted. It is cheaper to install wiring when the whole house is already going through construction work.


A build for the future

Planning is important because you are building the theater room for the future. It is not like you’re buying a cheap game console but you are dedicating an entire room inside your house to entertainment. Hopefully, the room will last you for years to come and who knows, you kids might use it for the same purpose but with more modern equipment, of course.

For this reason, everything inside the room should be top quality so you have to buy and install it only once. Not only should the TV screen be wide and possess excellent resolution but the projector wall mount should be sturdy and made from durable metal. Every little detail counts because you want the furniture in the room to last you at least a full decade.


Safety first

If you’re a person that likes to buy electrical appliances, throws the manual away, and using them right away, you need to read the following lines carefully. At some point in time, your theater room is going to be frequented by children, whether they are your kids, relatives or the children from the neighborhood.

Since children are going to spend hours in the theater room having fun, safety should come before all! The aforementioned projector wall mount is just one of the examples of how shoddy equipment and cause injury; just imagine what would happen if a projector mounted to the ceiling suddenly gave way.


A universal remote control saves the day

Although the focus in your new theater room should be on quality rather than quantity, you are bound to end up with more than one entertainment device. Since they are going to be operated remotely, the coffee table in the room will be swamped with different-sized remote controllers that you’ll track of which device they operate.

In order to prevent such hi-tech clutter, you should invest in a programmable universal remote controller in the form of an LCD screen. Otherwise, if you commissioned a universal remote controller made out of plastic, it would be too bulky and confusing to operate with so many buttons.

A controller that is actually an app is a smarter solution because it allows you to switch between different devices using a simple touchscreen display. In a way, it too will be considered an integral part of the theater room.

As you have seen from our tips, getting the new theater room just right is not that hard. If you keep things like quality, safety, and professionalism in mind all the time, you are bound to build a theater room that will account for many years of fun.

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Written by Stella Ryne

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