Instagram Reels: The New Way to Market Your Business

15-seconds video is the new trend in the social media world. TikTok has launched this format, and now it is adopted and accepted by the people worldwide. But, TikTok is facing a hard time now. Banned in India and forced to sell their operations in the US had made TikTok to lost millions of users and many marketers.

TikTok is losing business worldwide. Still, it has taught the world how 15-seconds videos can make the enormous difference.

Instagram is following the same strategy and launched the reels.

Instagram reels is the feature available for Instagram users only. This feature allows every Instagram user to create 15-seconds videos and engage with already existing followers without leaving the Instagram app.

This tactic is going to help Instagram to boost engagement and time spent on the app.

Both of these things matter when it comes to market a product or service on Instagram.

So, Instagram reels will be an essential tool for marketers and webmasters to market their products or services online with the help of 15-seconds videos.

Like a short feed, marketers leverage the 15-seconds video to plant the idea or usability in the viewers’ minds and make him land on the business website for more information or make a buying decision.
If you are also running any business or even if you are working as a freelance marketer in both cases, Instagram reels will help you to target Instagram users.

The one thing which is notable here is that if your 15-seconds video become viral on Instagram, then it will be placed in Instagram featured list. Not only your followers but also people who are not following you can watch what you want to say.

This is an ideal situation as without doing too much work, you will be targeting people who are not even in your follower list.

Right now, we are just tracking Instagram reels behavior and performance.

I will get back to you as it makes any critical update, which is beneficial for you.

Stay tuned with me.

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