Killer Komedy returns for Charity Event

Stand up comedy show “Killer Komedy” returns for one night in Mesa, Az to help raise money for charity.

Killer Komedy was a monthly stand up comedy showcase in Chicago from 2011-2014. Now after four years organizer/booker/promoter Eric J. Richards has decided to bring it back for one night to help raise money for Charity. All proceeds from the show will go to Tabitha’s Heart, a non for profit that helps children of Calcutta, India.

When asked why bring back Killer Komedy? Richards replied “I miss dong Killer Komedy, and I miss booking and promoting comedy shows. Yes the comedy scene is different here in Arizona than in Chicago, but when it is all said and done all of us want to make laugh so why not make people laugh and help out a great cause like Tabitha’s Heart.”  “I was born in Calcutta, India and was fortunate enough to be adopted into a wonderful family, a lot of children in India aren’t that lucky. So I wanted to give back to this great group to help less fortunate children, because I know that easily could’ve been me or my adopted sister out there struggling like millions of children out there are doing.” explains Richards why he wanted to team up with Tabitha’s Heart. “This is a great organization that gives clothing, food, shelter, education, etc to children that aren’t lucky enough to have it or are forced to choose between one or the other, I wanted to do this Charity event for several years and am very happy to actually be doing this for my fellow countrymen.” Richards continued.

What to expect from a Killer Komedy show? “A great time with some great comedy from some great local comics, we also have comics from out of town to perform, comics coming out of retirement, we even have comics who were there in the early years of Killer Komedy when we were just a show in an attic in a bar. Heck I might even perform.” Richards replied when asked about the show.

Killer Komedy returns for Killer Komedy one night stand on Oct 21st at Comedy off Main Street in Mesa. Show starts at 7:00 PM and tickets are $10. There will also be a raffle to help raise money, and all proceeds will go to Tabitha’s Heart.

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Written by Luke Donahae

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