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Beautiful Nepal is home for the tallest mountain ever know to mankind, the Mount Everst. Besides this, it is also known for many Hindu and Buddhist shrines. Yearly, thousands of pilgrimages visit these temples to pay homage to their beloved gods and goddess. One such temple is the Budhanilkantha shrine. The special attraction about this divine temple is the main idol of Lord Vishnu floating in small pond waters for many years. Also, it is one of the biggest idols of Lord Vishnu in Nepal.

This beautiful and sacred shrine located below the Shivapuri hills. The distance from the shrine to Kathmandu is around 10 km. One of the major tourist attractions sites in Nepal, people who visit the Famous Shivapuri national park also visit the Holy shrine Budhanilkantha.

Legends of Budhanilkantha Temple

There are numerous legends regarding this temple. One legend goes like in the 7th-century. There lived a monarch named Vishnugupta during the rule of the Licchavi king Bhimarjunadev in the Kathmandu valley. It is believed that he craved and brought the idol of Lord Vishnu here as he is an ardent devotee of Lord.

Another legend goes like during the Malla dynasty rule once there lived a farmer and his wife. One fine day they went out to plow the field. In this process, the farmer accidentally happens to hit the idol and blood starts oozing from the idol. By seeing this farmer and wife will get panicked later they restore the idol in its original position.

Folklore Behind Budhanilkantha Temple Name

During the churning of the milk ocean, a dangerous poison emitted from the ocean that is capable of annihilating the entire universe. To stop the destruction, Lord Shiva drank the poison. Due to the effect of poison Lord’s throat started burning. To quest the thirst he moves towards north  Nepal region, present-day Shivpuri, Lord strick his trident which forms a holy lake called Gosainkund. Many believe the waters in which Lord Vishnu idol float is the Gosainkund waters. Also, few believe there is Lord shiva idol in the pond waters. Hence the temple called Budhanilkanth meaning” old blue throat”.

Budhanilkantha Idol

Another amazing fact about this idol is its entire idol is about 5 meters long and this beautiful idol of Lord is carved from one single black basalt stone. Much research is held to find the exact scientific explanation regarding the floating of the idol in the pond waters. However, all the efforts went to in vein no one is able to crack the phenomena behind this.

The total length of the pond is 13 meters which are believed as cosmic waters in which Lord Narayan rests. Here the Lord will be lying with legs folding on the Adi shesha along with shanka, chakra, and Lotus and Club. One can easily notice 11 faces of Adi shesha near the Lord’s face and head region clearly. Only Hindus are allowed near the feet of Lord for darshan. However, foreigners can still enjoy the amazing architecture of the temple.

One can visit the temple anytime in the year as it is open throughout the year for the pilgrims. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mostly crowded with devotees. If you looking forward to a pleasant and less crowed time then visit the temple other days of the week.

The cosmic image of Lord Budhanilkantha not only blesses his devotees with good fortune but also gives them bliss to those who visit this holy shrine. So when you visit Nepal make sure you also pay a visit to the sacred shrine.  To know more about the interesting places to visit reach out to my site shravyatravelblog.



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