Why Your Toddler Should Be Playing With Little Tikes Soccer?

A soccer ball is a great way to develop many skills, like motor skills and social skills. Introducing kids to a soccer ball at an early age leads them to live a healthy life in the future. Also, playing sports makes the immunity of toddlers stronger.

So there are many reasons why your little ones should be playing with Little Tikes Soccer Ball. Check them out below:


Builds Self Esteem


Researchers have found that soccer ball can be a great way to build self-esteem in toddlers if they are playing it in a protective, nurturing and supportive environment. This helps in developing a good self-image. Alternatively, you can opt for the Toysmith pro ball set for your child.

It also helps children gain self-confidence. Playing with a soccer ball makes them comfortable in performing in front of a crowd.


Helps in Developing Motor Skills


Developing motor skills in childhood is a great idea because it helps in avoiding developmental delays. Soccer requires children to run, kick, jump, throw, catch, coordinate, balance and control objects.

It helps in strengthening the core muscles of children which makes them more physically fit.

Without having proper motor skills, children struggle with day-to-day activities like eating food, getting dressed, etc. So playing soccer helps in improving the density and strength of our bones which is essential for rapidly growing toddlers.


Improves Social Skills


Parents can build social skills in their children by interacting with them during the game and encouraging them to reach their full potential. Communication, interaction, and teamwork are also needed while playing soccer so unknowingly toddlers learn all these skills by just having fun.

Sometimes, things get tough during the game, which provides parents with the opportunities to teach kids patience, kindness, and the “never give up” attitude.


Makes Children Active and Happy!


It’s important for kids to have fun while playing any sport. And soccer is fun and exciting enough to make them want to play it more and more.

Soccer is a great sport for building the foundation of endurance and strength in little ones, which can lead to a healthy lifestyle. Not only it makes them super active but it also helps them in channeling negative emotions like stress and anger.


Helps in Improving Hand-eye Coordination


Hand-eye coordination means using eyes to direct muscles to do a task such as eating and bathing. By playing a game of “throw and catch”, many skills that require hand-eye coordination, like good handwriting can be improved. Children need good hand-eye coordination to do things like tying shoes and frosting cakes.




Playing with a soccer ball requires a lot of concentration, focus, and attention to detail. It helps in developing any skills which can help in many other aspects of life.



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