Fashion Must-Haves For the Man in Your Life

The common myth that revolves around men’s fashion is that it’s very basic. However, with the right silhouettes and cuts, you can easily jazz up a man’s wardrobe. Along with women’s fashion, men’s fashion has changed and progressed plenty over the years as well. Just like women, even men can now shop from a wide variety of clothing pieces online. Whether they are looking to buy men’s t-shirt online or maybe a pair of trousers, the easy availability in the online space has spurred the hidden shopper in them.

One would think that looking dapper, well-styled, and spruced up takes a lot of effort. However, this is not true. The right kind of fabric, cut, silhouette, and color help in making a man not only stylish but presentable as well. A well-dressed man has a higher edge over others at any event or even at an interview.

If your man’s wardrobe seems to need an upgrade, it’s time to put some thought into it. With that in mind, if you are thinking of redefining the wardrobe of the man in your life, here are a few must-haves for him.

Crisp Cotton Shirt

A well-fitted crisp shirt goes a long way as it is versatile and stylish as well. Go for shirts that are 100% cotton instead of going for any other fabric. This way, it keeps him cool and doesn’t give out a sheen and falls comfortably on the body frame. For summers, you can choose from colors such as baby blue, beige, white, light grey, and more.

Well-fitted T-shirt

A plain white t-shirt works great for hot summer days. He can style these with chinos, shorts, trousers, jeans, blazers and more. A cotton t-shirt is a must-have in your man’s wardrobe as it works perfectly for casual and semi-casual days. If you can’t find one that suits his taste, you can always buy men’s t-shirts online from plenty of online stores. 

A Pair of Chinos 

Chinos originated from the French and British army in the 19th century and have made their way into people’s wardrobe over time. These pants are made of 100% cotton, comfortable to wear, and stylish to look at. They can be paired not only with shirts but with t-shirts as well and yet manage to look dapper. 

Leather Loafers 

Invest a little in a good pair of leather loafers for him. They can easily be paired with casual, formal, or a semi-casual look. They look stylish when worn with shorts, jeans, trousers or chinos. Even though suede loafers are nicer to look at, they get dirty quicker than leather and are difficult to clean and maintain. 

Well-fitted Blazer Jacket

To spruce up his look and immediately transform him into a handsome hunk, a blazer jacket is a must-have. A neutral color blazer like that in navy blue, black, beige, or grey can transform your man’s day look to a date look instantly. It can be worn over not only shirts but also t-shirts.

Men’s fashion is evolving at a rapid speed. For you to jazz up your man’s wardrobe, these items are essential to have. However, the question of where to get these items from so that they not only last him long but have the best quality and fit. Lifestyle brands such as Nicobar have products that exemplify not only fashion and class but also have a great fit. You can even order these items online as a gift for the man in your life, and get it delivered straight to his doorstep with a sweet note.

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