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The Girl Pushing Past The Crowd: The Story Of Beautiful Rebecca

By Kemfon Decade

She has an air of intimidation cloaking her unrivalled drive to succeed, like cocktail she is a mix of pleasure, hard-work and business.

Growing up in the ever noisy, commotion filled and adrenaline explosive Lagos metropolis Rebecca had her fair share of motivation ‘common’ to every man on the streets of Lagos, each hoping to build a better life and move to a paradise void of the chaos; these shaped her thought process and the push to make something out of her life. Beautiful Rebecca equally spent part of her life in Calabar.


Rebecca’s decision to move from Lagos came with the Joy of having to be a university undergraduate at the University of Calabar to study Marketing. She had her head in the clouds, comfortable with the easy life in Calabar until the Job market came calling and she moved back to Lagos. Where she worked as a business development executive with Chesney Hospitality and later Globacom as Customer Care representative.

Pushing Forward

Felling dis-satisfied with her Job, Rebecca who always had an irrevocable passion for fashion decided to follow her passion, she in 2015 moved again this time knowing she would never return, Becky left for Uyo, a growing city with its own challenges where she began running Visible Proof Fashion.


Her passion for Men’s Fashion stemmed from her unquenchable desire to succeed and standout in everything she decided to do, she decided she wasn’t going to do the regular sewing every young girl did, but she was going to enter into the man world and she was going to win against all odds. Rebecca interned with some renowned designers before proceeding to launch Visible Proof a Men’s Fashion outfit committed to delivering Bespoke tailoring for men.


Due to her ‘strange’ drive to succeed Visible Proof quickly became a house-hold name in Uyo, delivering for a hundred and seventy six clients in its first year. Rebecca leads a team of Fashion and success ‘drunk’ individuals. Her team comprises of four amazing designers and three other staff to push her dream.
The team of designers are called the first class family by the Visible Rebecca.


Rebecca is fun-loving and is excessively charitable, she has joined and partnered with several not for profit organizations such as; African Women in Leadership (AWLO), Nigerian Professional and Entrepreneurial Women Network and Global Shapers Community Uyo Hub, where she doubles as head of communication and director funds management. Rebecca’s work culture places people over profit,

in her words “we don’t keep employees, we raise entrepreneurs ” it is her policy to grow people who will make her achievements look very common place.

Visible Rebecca is passionate about telling Africa’s story through bespoke

(This article was written by Kemfon Decade)

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