This model defy gender norms by modeling for both men and women fashion

Call it what you like, But Rain Dove is not just an ordinary model but a great model.
They call it androgynous model which is changing the binary nature of fashion castings by modelling both menswear and womenswear.

They call themselves a ‘gender capitalist representing “human” in fashion’, and they’re using their platform to raise awareness of all sorts of worthy causes, from LGBTQ rights to homelessness.

Rain Dove’s already landed a number of international magazine spreads as well as having walked on major catwalks, Metro UK reports.

Photo credits : Instagram

‘My strength does not come from my clothing. No matter what I wear whether my choice or not- I guarantee I will still be me. Because I’ll be damned if I let something as simple as Cloth be my shackles. We are stronger than fabric. More purposeful than politics. And here for a reason so much more magnificent than making our appearances fuckable. There’s more reason to life than potential orgasms, genitalia and lust. I know that may sound crazy but- its true.”

Photo credits :Instagram

They first got into modelling after losing a bet with a mate over an American football match – the forfeit being that she had to attend a casting call.
Three months later, they were given their first gig modelling menswear for Calvin Klein.
Since then, Rain Dove has walked at New York Fashion Week on both the women’s and menswear catwalks.

Photo credits : Instagram

‘I am not a boy. I’m not a girl either,’ they say.
‘My body has specific mechanics and parts that can be sorted and labelled – but they do not define my conscious intentions, actions, or capabilities. My body is simply a tool to help me access the world around me – but the me that is me is beyond this body and beyond a binary.’

Photo credits :Instagram

And much of their Instagram is dedicated to showing her wearing the men’s and women’s version of outfits to make just that point.
And they looks glorious in both.

“Either way I dress- they see red. But I keep walking because #MyStepsWill make change. Same person, same shoes, same place, different treatment. Don’t dress like them for them. Dress like you for you- and the right people for you will walk with you too.”

Recently, someone sent Rain Dove a question through Instagram asking Rain Dove to define their gender and they had the best response:
‘I am I,’ they wrote.

‘I like the forest. Prefer to cook my own meals. Have a penchant for manual labour. Am passionate about acquiring food, shelter and water for all living beings. Often wear mismatching socks. And will promise that if I ever see you down and our I will not ignore you.
‘I hope that helps.’

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