IoT: Technology that is Reshaping the Way We Live

Almost any object if connected to the internet can be transformed into an IoT device which can be controlled.

IoT Technology

Most IoT devices at home or in the office will use regular Wi-Fi connections, satellite connections or a Bluetooth one to create a connection between them and share data.  Latest technological developments  keep costs down by sending and processing only useful data on to the cloud, a strategy and IoT Solution known as ‘edge computing’. All the information generated by an IoT device needs to be collected in order that it can be analyzed to make further predictions. Companies now use AI systems that take this information from an IoT device to bring about efficiency in its data centers.

IoT Platforms

Platforms are created by companies to develop IoT ecosystems which will cater to both the customer and the business partner. It affects functionality, security and flexibility of products and services. The API strategy is the building block of a business revenue model and must work in line with the main IoT strategy to facilitate a sufficient value to encourage investment of time and effort. A true ecosystem requires a community of partners that develop products and services that will boost innovation and reduce costs and risks. Other IoT solutions used by companies, include integration with products and partners in order to establish themselves in the market. A good business revenue model will attract the right kind of ecosystem partner which will ensure a successful IoT development. A dedicated team, good partner management, technical and marketing support and a well- organized operational strategy will support the ecosystem.

IoT Applications

IoT has revolutionized homes and commercial spaces by making them smarter, simpler and more convenient by saving time, money and energy. Wearable devices that are integrated with software and sensors are flooding the market. They use IoT solutions that cover almost all areas of fitness and entertainment by being small sized and highly efficient with energy consumption. This technology is now being used in automotive digital technology to enhance and optimize the operation and experience of the car. IoT uses sensors, data analytics and software to empower the industrial engineering sector to create smart, accurate and consistent machines. Smart cities are applying IoT to manage energy, distribute water, monitor the environment, secure and keep urban cities.

The integration of IoT solutions into every stream and aspect of human existence is fast changing the way we live and work.

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Written by rakwireless

Shenzhen RAK Wireless Technology Co, Ltd was established in June 2014. Based out of Shenzhen and having a sophisticated R&D lab in Shanghai, RAK Wireless has become one of the market leaders in developing and supplying advanced IoT products and services to makers and enterprises around the globe. RAK is proud to position itself as a one-stop IoT solutions company and continues to innovate in all spheres of IoT development. Some of the key areas of focus have been LoRaWAN, advanced wireless sensor nodes and low power radio technology like BLE.


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