Why JAVA is better for web development ?

In the second decade of 21st century software IT industry got flooded with new technologies, there are so many options to choose from that it is next to impossible to choose the right one for development.

In current scenario every language has its pros and cons, some are good for rapid application development, some are easy for content management, some are faster than its peers, and some are secure. Therefore, considering the targeted solution one should choose the technology.

Java Development

What makes JAVA better?

Java and C both are object oriented programming languages, C was developed for application programming whereas java was developed for network programming. Although Java is derived from C language but it is more popular and performs better for having a disciplined approach. As it is said by Sun Tzu in “The art of war” that army will win which is more disciplined” C lost its position to java for not enforcing object orientation and less cross platform libraries.

Java is structurally programmed and strongly typed where programmer needs to declare variable and data type for each value. JAVA is popular and has a huge community despite the fact that it is difficult for programmers to code in java as compared to Python, PHP or .Net. The disciplined structural programming with increasing features makes it perfect for enterprise level applications. If a business isn’t expecting thousands of users to access its website simultaneously then they can use PHP or Nodejs for the time being.

Advantages of Java for Web development

Credit : Manoj Khanna Businees Analyst Decipher Zone Softwares

Now java and JavaScript has tens of frameworks to work. All of them targets to provide an edge to programmers like Vue, React targets rapid application development and ease in modification whereas Angular provides more features and large code libraries.

Top 3 Java development companies focusing on web app development

Decipher Zone Softwares is an Indian software company that focuses on Java, JavaScript, Typescript and blockchain development.

Belit Soft is a US based software development company that focuses on java and PHP development.

iTechArt is a US based software development company that focuses on Java development.

Are there vested interests of a Java development company to suggest me java for my software?

The answer is simply No, here’s the reason. It is difficult for most of the organizations to have a web app development without CMS (content management systems) and they choose PHP, if they need rapid application development they choose python or .net for web development but after a while it will cost you beyond anticipation. Although Java development is a tedious process but it gives enormous advantages over a longer horizon so better to opt java now than porting to it in near future. If java is used then they don’t have to worry about increased traffic, increased data, multiple targeted platforms and security because they will be future ready. Always keep in mind “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

How to achieve zenith in performance with Java app development?

Use JavaScript on client side (front end) and java on server side (back end) so they can use multi threading capabilities on both side and there is no lag due to data overflow at any end. Have a close coupling because they can optimally use each other’s capabilities and deliver performance par excellence. Decipher Zone Softwares is among the top web app development companies that believes tight coupling of java on both ends yield in high throughput.

Java’s large code libraries and frameworks provides you different advantages it is all up to you what to choose and when to choose. Its large community and growing features has made sure that it always meet your requirements. “To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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