Best HIIT workout for upper body

Best HIIT workout for upper body

Today we are going to talk about HIIT workout for upper body. If you want to develop your upper body and strengthen your muscles while burning fat, but you want to avoid marathon gym sessions, the ‘High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)’ is the ideal workout for you.

It is a training that has become very fashionable because it adapts to the lifestyle that women wear: little free time, but they do not want to give up training as much as possible. In fact, you can do it at home or at the gym because you do not need many machines to do it (with a small weight kit will be enough to start).

Can all women do it? The answer is yes, except for pregnant women and those with cardiac pathologies. «People who have articulation problems can do so by varying the options of impact». But not only the training will get you the goals you have set to improve your physique and health. “A HIIT training combined with a diet distributed in many varied and little copious intakes ensures short-term fat reduction and increased muscle mass.”

To start understanding the coach in class (or even the tutorials you’ll find on YouTube) we mentioned the types of exercises that you can combine in your HIIT training. Burpees, skipping, running, push ups, box jumps , snowboarding, jumping jacks, dynamic lunges, tuck jumps … Ready? If you get a co-worker for sure, the motivation will be greater and the time will pass more pleasantly.

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