5 Catering Essentials to Set in Place Before Availing Event Catering Services

Organizing an event is certainly not a piece of cake. But with the right guidance and some systematic planning, the end result can be as sweet and rewarding as one! And event catering is one of the most significant sources of assistance while you go about organizing your event. Premier event caterers understand the apprehensions that a host may have regarding planning and executing an event all by oneself. A helping hand and some expert guidance in organizing your event can go a long way, not only in ensuring that every aspect of the event is meticulously taken care of but also in providing a much-needed respite and direction to the host. So, what are some factors that can help you ensure that you make the most of the services you avail from a catering company Melbourne? Take a look:


1. Signed Contract: When Telephonic Contact Isn’t Enough!

You and your caterer may have probably reached a common ground regarding all the services you require and arrived at a mutual agreement. However, the spoken word lacks a means of the posterity of everything that has been mutually agreed upon between the two parties, which is why a written statement becomes necessary. Before you avail the services of your caterer, insist on receiving a signed contract that entails all the key details about the business association shared between you and the catering company. The best caterers provide a contract that covers crucial details, including the day’s events, an elaborate event plan, the decided budget etc.


2. Coordination and Communication: Maintaining a Contact Sheet

While you can always contact your catering company on their official contact number, it helps to take the numbers of all the coordinators and individual event planners associated with the company, who would personally supervise and/or execute the activities to be carried out before and during the event. Efficient communication always helps to make things easier and hassle-free.


3. Mindful Catering: Who Eats What?

While requesting RSVPs from your attendees, making it a point to request them to specify any dietary restrictions or food preferences they may want you to keep in mind while organizing the food for the event. Taking individual food restrictions and preferences into account helps you adopt a sensitive and hospitable approach to organizing an event. Your caterer can then prepare the menu for your event accordingly. Also, if your attendees include little ones or elderly persons, you could organize foods that are sensitive to their needs and preferences.


4. Last-Minute Prep: Because This Can Prove to Be a Saviour!

Many individuals often tend to underestimate the importance of a last-minute review of the schedule of the entire event. Even the best caterers sometimes need a quick summarization of how the entire thing is going to shape up. It helps to organize a last-minute meet with your caterers and run them through the entire event schedule – from food and beverage to hospitality and entertainment.


5. The Post-Event Paraphernalia: An Overlooked Catering Process

This is the final phase of the catering process that is often neglected by caterers and their clients until both parties have to bear the brunt of it. While planning and executing an event is extremely important, it is not the only factor to keep in mind while opting for event catering. The post-event paraphernalia includes important considerations like cleaning the venue, packing away any leftovers, taking back the centerpieces and other props, washing the utensils and crockery etc. Before you officially associate with a Melbourne catering company, communicate with them about the expectations you have from them about the post-event chores. If possible, incorporate this communication into your contract, so that there is written evidence of this aspect having been discussed and mutually agreed upon.


While it may sound really exciting to come up with a definite plan for your event, executing the plan can sometimes be a challenge even for the best of hosts. That’s where the best caterers step into the picture and provide a helping hand in systematically analyzing and executing every aspect of the plan and assisting their clients in organizing the best event ever.

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