Top 5 Trends Defining the American Whiskey Market

With a rise in sales and productivity, American Whiskeys is enjoying a golden era. With the increasing demand for quality spirits like Bourbon and other whiskeys, a number of new brands have established themselves in the market. In addition to these brands, distillers have taken product innovation to new heights to cater to the palate and needs of different consumers. Many factors contribute to the growing popularity of several whiskey brands in the USA. However, if you are looking for some important reasons or trends that are going to shape American Whiskey market in the next few years, read this blog to know more about some of these popular trends.


1. Increasing Demand of Crafted Younger Whiskey 

People increasingly seek younger whiskeys with less than five years maturation that taste better than their older variants. This has led to the boom in sales of younger whiskey. An increasing demand and popularity of Rye whiskey with high-rye mash bills drives this trend, as rye achieves flavor faster and gains maturity within 2-3 years.  This has led distillers to produce high-rye whiskeys.


2.  Blended Whiskey is Gaining Popularity

The term ‘blended” no longer connotes something that modern drinkers hate or consider unsavory.  Educated consumers care less for the age of the whiskey or the basic ingredients with which the spirits are made and rely more on great taste. Many distillers are pushing to market some high-end releases that are in-fact blends of some popular American whiskeys just to create unique tastes and flavors.


3. Store-Pick Single Barrels

This is an important win-win situation both for distillers and retailers. Distillers of leading American whiskey company allow retailers to visit their distilleries and pick their favorite store barrels that may not be available elsewhere. This enhances trust, fosters loyalty and helps build a store-focused whiskey society.


4. Competition for Shelf-Space

With consumers getting well-informed about finer details about ingredients, preparation methodologies, aging, and finishing, they prefer to choose authentic brands that are of great quality and taste. With the increasing competition for shelf-space among legacy brands, and new releases, it is very important to tell consumers how your whiskey stands apart from others. Hence, the best American whiskeys with uniqueness, high quality, and great stories to tell will continue to dominate the market in the present and coming years.


5. Capturing Uniqueness of Areas of Origin to Create Distinctive Flavor Profile

Like with fine wines, many distillers stress on terroir and provenance in whiskeys that highlight capturing the uniqueness of the topography, climate and other conditions of the area to develop a unique flavor profile of their whiskeys. Although many people believe that this effect may be lost when the raw materials of whiskeys undergo extensive distillation process, it is possible to capture the essence of the uniqueness of the area in the flavor.  This leads sales and productivity of whiskeys with clear distinguished notes and special effects of the area.  So it can be safely said that many of these factors, when considered properly, lead to an exponential boost in productivity and sales of specific whiskey brands.

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