Sometimes I laugh when I hear the name Donald Trump

Don’t blame me, I Laugh often, and I will continue to laugh. I don’t hate the President, I’m just a little bit concerned, I think am still dreaming.

Don’t even think of hating him,
How can you ever hate him?
a man who make my evening with his tweets,
and confused them ‘fake news’ with stories.

“Did he Russia us to win?”
My 5 Years old asked.
“no honey, we are too big, no too huge for the Russian,”
I think he is going to make a great President”

I laughed, they laughed too,
Who cares?
He has brought laughter to us,
Sometimes we just laugh at the mention of that name “Donald Trump

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Written by Funny Tom

I am the man you dream about. The man that can change the world. It begins with me and you. Writer and a poet


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Elna Brad


If you ever think of breaking her heart, please read this

Please what just happened here?