10 Essential Salon Marketing Tips and Tricks on This Diwali

Undoubtedly, eCommerce gets a boost because of the most significant discounts offered by varied industries during the festival season.  Almost 50% of the annual retails arises throughout the festive months from October to November. This tends online stores to compete with each other to attain more customers for generating more sales.

The Salon industry is not an exception. If your Salon business sales are not on a hike, then it is the best time to accelerate it. Don’t worry!!

The occasions are meant to boom the salon businesses only. Every other person needs the reason to pamper and rejuvenate themselves. So, as a Salon owner, you can take advantage of this opportunity and can attract more customers to your salon to gain more success rate. Since customers are happy and can spend money, don’t you think it’s time to provide them with some exciting promotions to attract them for future endeavors?

It is examined that the customers spend almost double on their personal grooming on festive. And the maximum success rate is noticed in the Diwali festival. Diwali discounts and promotions enhance product sales by 15% comparatively.

So, have you got convinced? Or not??

If not, then check out the below tips and tricks to increase your Salon sale this Diwali season.

Lighten up your Salon sales with the following factors

Quick yet powerful Diwali advertising

Advertising your Salon is always worth it. You will not regret any effort and time wastage. There are many ways by which you can promote your Salon, but, here we are giving you the most immeasurable advertising tips for your convenience. Find out below:

Use free marketing and advertise your salon Diwali promotion. Mention only suitable opening hours. Use the answering machines to entertain the customers regularly without hanging down.

Replace the general print outs on your receipts with the Diwali’s special offers and discounts. This method is adopted by every second Salon to increase customer engagement.

Integrate CTA

Your Salon is obviously is packed up during Diwali to give the best services to the customers. But, do not forget that the customers should post the reviews. The enthusiastic online reviews will help you Salon to boost your business locally. Word of mouth is one of the most reliable means to attract new customers. So, use a printed support card that shows your best comments or reviews and incorporates a call-to-action (CTA) for customers to give their comments. Spread liberally about your spa or Salon and get fruitful results.

Use a photo booth corner

Everyone loves to take selfies to put on their social media accounts. The other method that you can use is to set up a photo booth corner. The customers take their photos after practicing the services from your Salon. The tip is to offer them outstanding services for business promotion.

You can use the brand logo, products, and some social media links to the photo booth corner. Try to keep the look subtle and elegant so that the taken photos does not signify like an advertisement.

You can tell them to amalgamate your salon name in their caption to give more exposure to your business.

Keep marketing ahead

Do not forget that the main goal is to accelerate your salon sales to boost profits. This requires smart yet productive actions to take. Attract them to purchases your services and products; turn your salon into a magnificent Diwali campaign.

All you need is to create an eye-catching merchandise display to show:

  • unique, wacky and fresh product ideas
  • engaging treatment offers or packages to gift on this Diwali
  • fascinating gift cards

Try to change the offers on a regular time period and mention the prices of every item clearly.

So, the main focus is not only on advertising; marketing is the key to get more ROI.

Design special bundles

The other effective strategy is bundling that incorporates the items according to customer interest. With this approach, the products or services are selling at less price; otherwise, if bought separately, it might charge more. So, offering this will increase your level of flow for sales. Try to include only the complementary products and services.

** Customers love to shop that let them save more**

Percentage of discounts

Gain more without hurting your expenses. Diwali is the best time to offer discounts to customers for more business opportunities. Who does not like to get discounts even with the service of their interest?


So, by offering the percentage discounts to the existing and even to the new customer will give more attention to your salon. It is the best strategy for those services that are not self-selling. You can set a level of the prices according to their values. Accordingly, a specific percentage of discount can be given.

You can use the Salon software to make it an effortless job. It assures that you don’t cut the price of self-service because the discount will not make any change then.

Share happiness with customers

It is always the best idea to invite the customer to your Diwali celebration. Share smiles and happiness with them. You can organize a party to bring in new customers and establishing a solid bond with them. Keep it a small affair so that you can connect with the new customers and maintain the relationship with the existing customers.

Email and Media Marketing

Use the salon software to get more customers by announcing your offers and promotions through email marketing. Though, few of the customers totally separate themselves from the mails (“buy me”) that showcases in their inbox. So, it is vital to find out the other engaging manners to reach potential customers. You can create videos and send them to them that signifies your story and also informs about the special discounts you are offering. A unique way that is a newsletter can also be sent with productive festive hair care and skin care tips. This way, you can get more customers getting interested in your Salon services.

You can use social media to notify the potential customers about the discounts and the offers you are providing this Diwali. Or, you can also organize a contest on the leading social media platforms to ensure more customer engagement.

Take benefits from partnerships

You can use other business and offers your customers the best deals they are looking for. If you have any partnerships with the different business domains, such as with restaurant and gift shops. etc., you can use them to provide combo packages or something related. It would be advantageous from every aspect and to everyone. But, this requires an appropriate market plan. Act accordingly.

Prioritize the targeted keywords

So far, we are discussing “boosting the sales on Diwali.” You can opt for your targeted keywords for more business promotion. Key phrases, such as Festive Offers, Diwali Offers, etc. can be used to accelerate your ranking in the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So, to execute it, you need to discover the keywords to leverage maximum benefits.

Sell your shareable content

Content marketing is a valuable and viable option to market your brand. To sell your Salon business in Diwali, communicate with the customers with the content, such as infographic, meme blog, slides, or video to provide the freshest Diwali discounts and offers. You can also create a blog on Diwali to promote your Salon business and for increasing customer engagement.

Re-target your existing and new customers

For more customer engagement, you can re-target the customers. Those who have shown interest in your Salon’s products and services should be targeted exclusively. This factor is essential for experiencing a boost in your Salon business this Diwali. You can focus primarily on the customers who have left your shopping cart earlier. Offer them your biggest discounts so they can gain interest and purchase from you.

Wrapping Up

This Diwali, use the above-mentioned tips and tricks to amplify your Salon sales and for more customer engagement. The factors that we have discussed can do wonders for your Salon business. Take benefits this Diwali and give your Salon the new heights. And do not get anxious to get productive with the offers. Your one step can let you enjoy the win-win situation. What are you waiting for? Implement these factors today.

Have you done any promotions earlier on any festival? If yes, then do share your views with us. Or, if there are any query and suggestion related to this article, then let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!! Happy Diwali!


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Written by Julia Ching

Salonist is a salon management software that assist the salon owner to manage their staff according to their customers appointments. It helps them with its unique features that make the business work efficient and easy. This software can manage operate from anywhere from any device at any time. For more details must visit us.

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