3 Ways To Take MSM For Hair Growth

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an organic sulfur used as a supplement for joint pain, but at the same time, it is an alternative for fast hair growth. There are multiple ways in which one can take MSM.

The most popular way suggested by doctors is taking MSM tablets. The other methods are using MSM cosmetic products and consuming MSM rich food.

More than 3000 years ago, the Cleopatra tribe used MSM to maintain their hair growth. Although there is still no scientific evidence for the health benefits offered by MSM; However, the benefits of MSM for hair growth are immense as suggested by the experts.

Hair growth has three stages: Anagen (growing), Telogen (intermediate), and Catagen (shedding). Studies show that MSM is responsible for hair growth in the Anagen stage. In this article, we shall discuss the three ways in which you can take MSM.


1. MSM as a supplement


(a) MSM as a solid supplement

Always take MSM tablets after consulting your doctor. They are readily available at almost all pharmacies. We recommend taking a daily dosage of 6 grams in three phases of the day. If you’re a beginner who is not so comfortable taking heavy dosage, then you should take a 1-gram MSM tablet. You should continue to take the pills for at least two weeks to see the proper results of MSM for hair growth.


(b) MSM as a liquid supplement

Most of us are not comfortable swallowing pills. Luckily, the pharmacies also keep MSM supplement powder. All you need to do is read the instructions properly and mix the appropriate water and powder to form the right mixture. Most of the people take MSM as a liquid because it is smooth, fast, and probably the best way to use MSM for hair growth. Tablets dissolve and show effect after sometime. In the case of having liquids, the reaction is quick, and you will get the results fast.


2. MSM as a cosmetic product

Although taking an oral supplement is the most favourable way, you can also use cosmetic products such as shampoos and creams containing MSM. 5-10% MSM solution in the shampoo will boost your hair growth and stop the unwanted hair fall while bathing. Studies show that most people got results within 20 days after using MSM cosmetic products.

  • If you do not find MSM shampoo, it is quite easy to make one.
  • Add 14 grams of each lavender, nettles, rosemary, and sage in 2 cups of hot distilled water.
  • Allow the mixture to cool for 30 minutes.
  • Then add 2 grams of MSM powder, stir the mixture for 30-40 minutes, and strain it properly.
  • Combine one part of a strained herbal mixture with two parts of liquid Castile in a shampoo bottle.


3. MSM rich food

  • A protein-rich food is a source of MSM. It is advised to eat 0.8 kg of protein per 1 kg of your total weight. You can eat more legumes, like peanuts or beans. Also, you can get protein directly from poultry products such as fish.
  • Raw garlic and onions are the purest forms of MSM. When we cook them, MSM breaks. Therefore, try consuming more raw garlic and onions.
  • A sulphuric compound like MSM is also present in leafy vegetables and fruits. Green vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli not only provide MSM but also gives essential vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth.
  • Snacks such as unsalted peanuts, or kale salad with chopped onions and grated garlic also provide MSM to our body.

Precautions to be taken while using MSM:

  • Store MSM product in a cold, dry, and clean place.
  • Although there are no health risks or symptoms of consuming MSM, we still recommend you to consult a doctor before using it. Your hair loss might be because of some other reason which could not be treated by MSM. Under such cases, the doctor’s advice is inevitable.
  • As stated above, there are no side effects of taking MSM dosage. But still, if you experience things like skin allergy, skin rashes, swelling, and trouble in breathing, then immediately stop the MSM dosage.
  • Experts are not sure about the effect of MSM during pregnancy. So, as a safety measure, avoid taking MSM during the phase of pregnancy and breastfeeding.



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