5 Most Powerful Social Media Marketing Hacks For 2019

Social Media witness a significant growth in recent times.

It becomes one of the best platforms for brand promotion, increases awareness and reaches out your target audience.

According to a recent survey, about 78% of organizations have a devoted team or at least one person committed to handling their social media marketing.

And around 30% of millennials say that they interact with a brand on social media at least once a month.

There are plenty of Social Media Stats and facts which prove the importance of social media for your business.

But, there are several things that an organization needs to keep in mind while planning their Social Media Marketing Strategy.

And to help you out here we’ve gathered 5 most powerful Social Media Marketing Hacks you’ll need to know.

#1 Prioritize Your Social Platforms

Presently, there are more than 2.7 million active social media users across the world.

Isn’t it great, right?

There’s no doubt on the fact that with social media you can reach out to new customers. However, if you are not prioritizing your platforms as per your business needs, you are just throwing your content in hazy direction.

It’s almost impossible to run a business and keep up with every social media channel every day.

Consequently, you need to focus your efforts on the trendiest social sites.

#2 Optimize Images For All Social Media Platforms At Once

Each social media platform has specific image sizes and requirements. So creating a different banner for every single platform can be a difficult and time taking task.

But there are several social media tools that will help you with this.  For example, with Resize feature of Canva, you can create the optimized versions of the same image for several platforms, with a single click!

#3 Use Social Media Chatbot

Great customer service is really important for social media engagement.

However, It’s difficult as well as expensive to provide 24/7 customer service and answer all your customers’ questions and complaints.

And using a Chabot for your social media platforms will help you to solve some common or minute customer issues.

#4 Use Social Media Micro-Influencers For More Exposure

If you are new to social media then reaching out the micro-influencer for brand promotion is one of the best ways and most proficient hacks for increasing your presence.

You will find several tools that will help you find a list of social media influencers in your niche. Twitter is one of the platforms to begin as you can very simply spot how influential a particular user is.

#5 Find trending topics to boost brand visibility

Improving your brand visibility is really important for your business.

And finding the trending topics is definitely helps you in boosting your brand visibility. It helps you in creating engaging social media post.

There are several tools and websites that will help you to find the trending content on social media. You will get the list of trending topics and hashtags in real time.

Social media is a powerful weapon but it takes a proper plan and effective strategy. And a good strategy requires skill and a lot of effort in the correct direction.

It’s worth it though. Go ahead and give your brand a new and innovative face.

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Written by Manju rai

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