9 Creative Ways to Stay Warm in a Car That Has No Heat

If your car’s heater doesn’t work and it’s winter outside, you will be in for one uncomfortable ride. You might not have the money to repair the heater right away, so here are nine ways to fight the cold in your car until you can make the repairs.

1. Start your vehicle early

Even for cars with broken heaters, starting them 10 to 15 minutes before you plan on driving can help. The engine creates heat under the hood, so when you turn the heater fan on, it will heat up the inside of your car a little.

2. Purchase a small heater

One thing that can save you this winter season is a portable heater. You can get one that sits on your dashboard and plugs into your car’s power socket. It will direct heat towards you and even towards the windshield, helping to keep it defrosted.

3. Use a windshield cover

Windshield covers not only help prevent snow and ice buildup but also provide some insulation. There are covers with magnetic edges that make them much more convenient to use.

4. Try a heated travel mug

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning drive. But not having a working heater means it will quickly cool off. Use a heated travel mug to keep your coffee and hands warm.

5. Buy a plug-in seat warmer

Just because your vehicle didn’t come with built-in seat warmers doesn’t mean you can’t have them. You can buy an after-market seat cover that will also keep you warm while you drive.

6. Purchase a heated hat

According to Harvard Health, our heads have very little subcutaneous fat for insulation. That means even if your body is covered with a warm jacket, having an uncovered head means you will quickly lose body heat. So getting a heated hat will do an even better job of keeping you warm.

7. Keep wool blankets in the car

If you are all bundled up but still need an extra layer, it would help to have some blankets in your car. Wool blankets are best for insulation since they trap air.

8. Get a steering wheel warmer

In order to drive a car, you need to use your hands. But with a broken heater, they are probably gonna get very cold and stiff. So if you don’t want to simply just sell your car for cash, buy a steering wheel warmer which plugs into your car’s power socket.

9. Stash disposable heating packets

Buy some disposable, single-use hand and feet warming packets to keep in your car for when it really gets cold. Hey, it’s better than nothing.

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Written by Amelia Grant

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