9 Proven Ways to Make Your Website Standout from the Crowd

There are zillions of website these days, and all of these are vying for the attention of users. The competition to attract the attention of prospective clients has gone up drastically. There are several ways to drive traffic to your website, and search engine optimization is one of them. However, you can always bring in users, and the challenge is to retain or engage them on the site. For this to happen, your website has to be unique in terms of offering and navigational experience.

For your website to stand out from the crowd, some things become critical. If the content or information on your website is too routine and bland, then it is highly unlikely that the users are going to remain on your website. So, what would you do engage customers actively on your site? The answer is simple: dish out things that is hard to find on other platforms. There are several aspects that can make your website stand out from the crowd. Let us explore these.

#Observe your competitors’ site closely

This might sound cliched as everyone might be doing what their counterparts are up to. But the monitoring of your competitors’ site should not be superficial. You should carefully analyze what all they are doing on their websites, and why?This way, you can always draw up suitable strategies to make your website better than your competitors. By adding new elements or featuring new sections, you can easily take on the fresh initiatives brought in by your competitors on their site. This is one of the best ways to make your website stand apart.

#Devise an engaging web design

Another way to make your website stand out from the rest is by adopting an engaging and attractive webs design. For this purpose, you need to research a lot and also employ a good web designer or avail the services of a reputed web design agency. To make the design engaging your website should have a simple layout, eye-catchy colors, and adequate white spaces. So, make your website unique by adopting the right design strategies.

#Identify your USP and pain points of consumers

Unique Selling Point (USP) is something that is intrinsic to your business. This is something that sets you apart from others. Hence, it is pertinent to identify the aspect that makes you unique. This has to be highlighted on your website. So, users visitors come to your website and get a clear understanding of your USP. This could be the services or after the services that you are offering. By clearly articulating USP on the website, you can make your online presence unique. Similar to USP, you should also be able to understand and address the pain points of your customers. A user might be experiencing some problems related to your services. So, he or she might come to your site for the solution. It is significant for you to act like a problem solver in such a scenario by offering solutions to the issues faced by the customers on your website. This way, your website can stand apart from the crowd.

#Leave a lasting impression with your domain name

It is very important to come up with a memorable domain name to make your site stand out from the rest. The domain name happens to be your website address. This phenomenon, apart from enhancing the brand value of your business, also nudges users to click on your website.There are several things to consider before choosing a domain name. The most important thing is that it should have a connection with your brand. This makes it simple for prospective customers to find you online. So, by thoughtfully choosing your domain name, you can make your website unique.

#Invest in Branding

Now, you must be wondering how by investing in branding, you can make your website stand out. It is simple: branding is the sum total of your business activities. The logos, banners, and other assets of your organization create an identity for your business.By investing in the same, employing a good designer to create a striking logo that totally encapsulates your business, you can easily establish a connection between customers and the brand. Hence, by putting money on an attractive logo or banner on your website, your online presence can create instant recall value among the customers. This way, your website can leave aside the competitors.

#Go real with images

There is a tendency among people to use stock photos on sites to make them attractive. This totally takes away the novelty factor of a website. The reason is that the majority of businesses are doing the same. Hence, it is pertinent upon businesses to feature real-life images. This can be pictures of your employees working in the office or celebrating an event.This aspect lends a lot of credibility to your website and prompts customers to visit your website. So, instead of having pictures from other sources, it is better to click images of your organizational activities and culture to make your website different from others.

#Have engaging content with adequate videos

Content is the king when it comes to websites. This in no way implies information devoid of purpose. The content on your website should be relevant to your brand, and it should involve the users actively. The engaging content does not mean heavy and humongous information. The topic chosen should be written in a manner that arrests the attention of the users. This is missing on most of the sites. So, if you post engaging content, then your website becomes synonymous with quality content and stands out from the host of mundane ones. As for videos, everyone loves watching them. Today people spend a considerable amount of time on social media platform or mobile phones to view them. In such a scenario, it is better to have a relevant video along with the content that you are posting on the site. This not only leads to more engagement but also sets your website from other online platforms as well.

#Feature case studies, achievements, and accolades

Another way to make your website stand out from the crowd is by featuring case studies, achievements, and accolades. This will not only boost engagement on the site but also add more authenticity to your business. Case studies offer the opportunity to give out a lot of indisputable facts and figures about the products you are offering. This would give more credibility to your product and website. Also, by giving prospective clients a brief account of the work you have done and the results you have achieved, you can make your website different from others. However, care has to be taken not to sound too pompous. The more genuine and direct you are, the better it is for you and your website.

#Get the basics of the website right

Most of the websites ignore load times, search engine visibility, mobile responsiveness, security, etc. These are the basic essentials of a website, and it is in your best interest to ensure that these are given high priority. Make the experience of your website unique by making it fast, mobile responsive, and highly secure. If you take care of these things, then users start believing in your website and company. Hence, your website should set a new standard in browsing experience to separate it from others.


So, in this era of mushrooming websites, it is pertinent for your website to have a standalone quality. All these are effective ways of adding uniqueness to your website. These might come across as something very simple, but they are not so. To implement these measures, you need to have a good understanding of every aspect mentioned above. Hence, ensure that your new website follows these key aspects and draw a line that makes it distinct from the millions of other sites.

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Written by Jay Malhotra

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Rajesh Pathak
1 year ago

This is very interesting post. I liked it.

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