9 Tips to Maintain Your Android Secure

Android Operating System has come with new advantages for Android device user, again. There was some problem, they have said about this unsafe problem. But today Android operating system is using for different kind of works.


You’ll be happy to know that your Android smartphone or device is as equal as a computer. But it is weak too because your Android device can attacked by virus and you won’t be able to know how it’ll be done. To keep protected your Android device you need to install antivirus app in your Android smartphone or device. There are many antivirus apps in Google Play store for android operated device. You can easily download or install from there, it’s totally free.

Unknown SMS

It’s known to you that you receive a lot of unknown text message or message in your phone randomly. You won’t receive unknown message after reading this. It’s easy to spread out virus by sending message. If you receive unknown message then your Android smartphone can easily attacked by virus. It simple to get message from unknown mobile number and it’s so that you won’t be able to know without unchecked the message what is included in this message. If you get message unknown message and think it can be harm your phone then you should delete it without check. You should do it as a responsible Android user.

Be Conscious to Download

If you are a regular internet user then you should be conscious to download, randomly. There are a lot of hacker they often try to include harmful malware or how to make an app virus in any file on the web which people willing to download most. So you should be conscious to download it. You have to check about the author of those site and their privacy policy when you wanna to download anything from those site. You know there are a huge number of apps for android in Google Play store and also available in Google and other website. You need to be conscious all about the publisher, developer, author of the app which one you want to install. Because it possible to spread harmful malware by apps. When you install an app that have no authority and information that can be proof it is pirated copy and these kind of app spread out virus.

Update OS

You can assure your smartphone protection by updating your smartphone’s OS (operating system). You’ll known, OS updated is come out after someday. Updated OS is stronger than current OS to protect virus and harmful malware so you should update your smart phone’s OS. You should keep OS updating to protect your smart phone from virus.

Be Careful to Use Cloud Storage

You almost know about the “Cloud Storage”. Cloud storage is an online data storage and sharing media where Android user can store their data easily. But the author and safety committee of this service have forbade to use a lot of feature. And also declare to use it consciously. Everyone should avoid using a lot of feature because your phone can be attacked by virus when you use this service to share data with someone.

Use Pass-code or Pattern Lock

To keep your Android device or smartphone protected you should use pass-code or pattern lock. You can find out this option in setting. Use it protect your phone. You should use difficult pass-code or pattern lock so that no one can gaze your password to unlock your phone. Always try to use more than 4 letter to set as password and also make sure upper and lower case letter.

Data Backup

There are a huge possibility to lose your favorite smartphone as well as your personal and valuable data with your phone. So you have conscious about it and should take a prevention way before lost your smart phone. However, if you have any possibility to lose your phone then you should use auto data backup online storage to get back data after lost your phone. If you think it not possible to you then you can use “remote-wipe” feature to erase all data from your smartphone after lost it.

Use Encrypt Carefully

“Encrypt” is a very familiar word to computer user. However, if you are not a computer user or not familiar with “Encrypt” then no problem, I’m already here. Encrypt is a way to convert data to code. You can do it in your smartphone or device easily now. It is a feature of computer but now it is also available in smartphone. You have to enable this feature if you keep your phone or data protected. It needs password to enter in encrypted data. If you encrypt your all data then no one can gaze that it is your personal and valuable data. Though anyone can gaze it is an encrypted data then he or she needs password to enter it. So you should use it.

Financial Data

You shouldn’t use smartphone to store your financial data. It’s really easy to bring out or break out any protection for a hacker to steal your all financial data. And you shouldn’t use all about your credit or debit card even your bank account information over your smartphone. Hope you get your information what you are looking for here. If you won’t then don’t forget to leave a comment below. I’ll reply soon. And I think you are a responsible Android device user and you should follow what I’ve described above to keep your android device protected.

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Written by Eric Wertz

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