Best Remote Jobs for Single Moms

Single moms are fighters. Every day is a new challenge and it doesn’t get much easier in time. Still, there’s no room for backing down and doubting yourself. There’s nothing a determined and strong-willed woman can’t do. This is why there are working single moms who manage to rock both their professional and private life.

Still, due to the demanding lifestyle of a single mom, having a regular job could be hard or even impossible. However, there are remote job opportunities waiting for you to grab them and start building your professional life. If you’re wondering which best-selling remote jobs are most suitable for single moms’ lifestyle, take a look.



Being a freelance writer is becoming more and more popular as a remote job all over the globe. The written word is used for everything from marketing to professional development and is needed where ever you go.

This job is absolutely amazing for a single mom due to the benefits which come along.

Firstly, you’ve got flexible hours. As long as you meet the deadline, you can write whenever you have a gap in between your mom duties. Next, you don’t have to invest in any equipment. All you need is a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. Finally, you can carry your laptop wherever you go. For example, you could work while you wait for your son’s basketball practice to be over.

In order to become a freelance writer, you need to have a set of skills which include creativity, proficient language use, research skills and impeccable accuracy in writing.

Still, you can use online tools such as Grammarly or services such as Trust My Paper to help you create the perfect written content.


Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant is in high demand due to the rapid development of the business world, which includes more online communication and business negotiation.

The main skills necessary for doing this job smoothly include being organized, having great communication skills, computer knowledge, being dependable and timely.

The main tasks of a virtual assistant include e-mail or phone correspondence, organizing meetings, team building or company trips, creating schedules and keeping everybody informed and organized.

As a single mom, you’ve probably already mastered half of these skills which makes you a brilliant candidate for this position.


Social Media Manager

You may not be aware of it, but social media have become one of the most powerful marketing platforms out there and everyone from small-business owners to powerful companies invest in making them up-to-date and memorable.

The job of a social media manager could include anything from content writing, boosting posts, answering comments and messages and tracking the numbers.

What makes this job perfect for single-moms is the fact you can do it from your phone and you can manage social media pages and profiles for several clients at once.

It’s a great way of earning money when all your days are filled with mom duties and you don’t have the opportunity to work the regular 9 to 5 job.


Event Planner

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, parties… someone needs to organize all of these. When people don’t have the time or energy to do it themselves they hire you- the event planner.

This is a super-fun and creative job which gives you the liberty to combine your organizational skills with your imagination and originality.

Your job as an event planner could imply everything from finding the venue, hiring a decorator, selecting the band, choosing a decorator and sending out invitations. It may seem like a lot of work, but with a great organization, it’s absolutely manageable.

It’s great for a single mom since most of the things can be arranged by e-mail or phone which leaves time for taking care of the kids and the house.


If you decide you’re ready to take matters into your own hands, there’s nothing that can stop you. Even though you’re a single mom, you can still have a killer career and be successful at whatever you decide to do.

Remote jobs are a great place to start building yourself professionally. Make sure to find a job which suits your skills, expertise and is flexible so that you could work out all your responsibilities as a mom. Finally, remember: every beginning is tough, but give it time and you’ll be rocking that job before you know it.

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