How To Ace Digital Marketing?


At its very core, digital marketing is simply the promotion of a product or a brand over some type of electronic channel. This means of marketing opens up new arenas for marketers because they are able to more easily analyze the results, usually in real time.

What Do They Watch?


Digital marketers are not just satisfied with knowing how many people viewed their content. That is a part of it, but they go a lot deeper when it comes to statistics. And, with the channels available to us now, that is quite simple to do.


It is easy to drill down into not only how many people consumed the media, but also where they were, who they were, how long they watched for, how engaged they were, and a whole range of statistics that make it possible to truly determine how effective the marketing campaign really was.


This makes digital marketing a lot more useful than some of the more traditional forms of marketing when it comes to statistics. Say, for example, that you went the traditional route and opted for a newspaper ad.


In order to monitor its efficacy, you would need to add some kind of incentive for people to bring in the ad. This could be in the form of a discount voucher or special code. It is not a very elegant solution, even though it might be effective at times.


With digital channels, however, the game changes completely. You can see up to the minute stats of how many people clicked on your Facebook link or how many skipped your YouTube ad, and then make adjustments accordingly.


You can easily tweak your marketing message, seeing what people react to the best. You are able to hone in on what works and delete what doesn’t.


What Channels Count As Digital?


It is not only the internet that falls into this category. Think bigger – like electronic billboards, mobile apps, chatbots, and even digital TV and radio.


Can We Ignore The Trend?


Sure, if you want your company to go the way of Blockbuster or Betamax. Adapting to new technologies is not a “good idea,” it is vital to the success of your company. We live in a society where we want to be constantly entertained and want instant gratification.

Companies that can embrace this trend digitally will look like forward thinkers. Those that don’t risk looking like dinosaurs.


Getting It Right


The knee-jerk reaction that most companies have when it comes to this sphere is to go in all guns blazing. That is a nice level of enthusiasm, but it seldom works as well as we would like. There are so many aspects of digital marketing that you need to have a clearly defined strategy in order to get ahead.


Choose The Best Channels For Your Target Market


Where does your target market like to hang out? What social media sites do they like to use the most? Where do they spend leisure time? How do they go about finding the information they are looking for?


These are questions that will help you decide what channels are best suited to your purposes. An electronic billboard on the side of the highway won’t do you much good if your target market seldom drives along there.


Develop your social media presence with the same idea in mind – where is your target market most likely to interact with social media. You could have pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc, but it is better to choose one or maybe two of these so that you don’t dilute your efforts too much.


A social media page is very easy to set up. And, when you are still highly motivated in the beginning, very easy to maintain. When that motivation starts to flag and daily pressures start to interfere, it becomes a lot more difficult.


Once you have established what works on one channel and have a set routine with regards to posts etc, then you can consider adding more to the mix.


The key factors when it comes to any social media campaigns are simple – design the content with your audience’s needs in mind first, post consistently, and be responsive to feedback.


Gather As Much Data As Possible


The big advantage of marketing digitally is that you get to gather a lot of useful data. Make sure you are set up to take full advantage of this information and use it wisely to create even better campaigns.


Can I Ditch The Traditional Methods?


That newspaper ad is not flashy and new, and it is difficult to tell how effective it is, but it could still be attracting business for you. It is best to look at a holistic campaign. If it makes sense to do so, incorporate some traditional marketing methods as well.


After all, this is not about all the bells and whistles – a great campaign takes advantage of a range of different strategies.

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