How to Arrange Home Furniture

Precision Measurements This is the first step in the process of moving and arranging furniture. It is done by arranging the furniture on paper before the effort is made to move it in the house, after determining the necessary measurements for the furniture and the space available in the room.

Leave a distance of 75 cm between the pieces of furniture to facilitate mobility and movement between them. The arrangement of sofas so that the distance between them from the front does not exceed 2.4 m; to facilitate the conversation between people. Leave a distance of 35-45 cm between the couch or sofa and table; so that it is easy for those who eat, and the drinks. Leave a distance of 90 cm between the dining table and the surrounding walls, so that it is easy for those sitting to push their chairs, or return to sit comfortably.

Locating a pivot point The rooms of the house are generally arranged on a focal point where the furniture is arranged correctly. This may be a fireplace, a large object, a statue, etc. This pivotal point can be used to arrange the furniture in several steps :

Arrange the seating pieces in front of the focal points to create areas for conversation. Place two opposite sofas in front of the heater. Arrange the U-shaped seating, so that the couch faces a fun and entertaining way in the room, sitting opposite each other or in a slanted manner.

Taking into consideration the ease of traffic The arrangement of home furniture depends on the smooth and unhindered movement of the home furniture. This can be accomplished by starting from one of the entry points at the exit point, observing any pieces of furniture that obstruct or obstruct this movement, Rearrange or remove these pieces. Besides, it is advisable to try to provide an area of at least 60-90 cm width as a convenient path.

Balancing requires the arrangement of home furniture, taking into account the balance in the room to be arranged, and the foundations that contribute to the following:

Balancing large pieces of furniture with other large parts, or with a set of small pieces. Blending colors in the room appropriately and comfortably, and trying to use vibrant colors while avoiding excessive use of a particular color or pattern. The colors provided by photo frames, pillows, or curtains can add touches of colors and patterns to the room. The resort to using diverse tissues when arranging furniture to create depth and draw attention in the place, by adding pillows, carpets, curtains, and using different materials such as marble, glass.

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