How to Avoid The High Flight Cancellation Charges

Flight cancellation charges are imposed on those who had bought the flight ticket and later canceled it due to some miscellaneous reasons. The flight ticket cancellation charges are equivalent to the total price of flight ticket, so even if you fail to utilize the ticket you had earlier bought, still, you have to pay a hefty amount for canceling it. Flight tickets are already expensive and when you cancel the airlines allegedly charge a high amount as cancellation fee from the passengers and give them a very low amount of refund, which was making a hole in your pockets. This is the reason why people don’t purchase flight tickets when they are not sure about your trip. Ever since the DGCA, understood how expensive it is for flyers to take the burden of flight cancellation fees, the authority has put some strict rules and regulations on airlines and monitoring the whole process, so that it doesn’t leave a rat-hole.

How to escape flight cancellation charges

A flyer can easily wave off flight cancellation charges when he books a flight ticket from an airline that has a full refund policy in case of cancellation. Many airlines and flight booking portal updates or notify their users about the cancellation and refund policy prior to their bookings, which helps probable flyers to get estimate knowledge about the sum they have to pay and many of them even don’t charge or charge less in case of cancellation.


Get travel insurance

Many of us overlook the importance of investing in life insurance and keep travel insurance aside. Well, in case of an emergency like thieving, medical condition or flight cancellation, travel insurance comes to your rescue. Travel insurance covers each and everything related to your travel. So, in case of flight cancellation, travel insurance helps you get the refund you deserve.

Free cancellation

Many airlines and flight booking websites or applications offer an option ‘free cancellation charge’, which means, if a passenger cancels its ticket, he/she doesn’t need to pay any amount in name of cancellation charge. To know whether you are purchasing flight ticket from a refundable and non-refundable airline, you can read the terms and conditions of the airlines. Purchase a flight ticket from an online portal for flight to know the refund policy of multiple airlines.

To get a fair flight ticket offers and no cancellation charges, prefer booking flight ticket from an online flight booking portal, as it gives them the opportunity to go through the policy of multiple airlines.

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