How to Know whether you are a functional Alcoholic

The word alcoholic is associated with addicts. We always think of alcoholics being those filthy, reckless and haggard looking guys who seem not able to function without a taste of the bottle. When you hear the word you want to think of people who should be at the rehabilitation center going through counselling and trying to detox from the tipple. Alcoholics are those guys who always come to work late with their eyes blood-shot red after spending the better part of the night at the local bar.

Not at once have we ever associated the word with ourselves because we only drink during social events and are very cautious not to take too much. However Dr Iqbal Mohiuddi said that you might be a functional alcoholic without even knowing it. So how do you know that you are a functional alcoholic?

Dr Vikram of detox southflorida said that he uses the acronym CAGE to help people know whether they have an alcohol problem. CAGE stands for:

C-Cutting Down

If you have ever had even the mildest of thoughts that you should cut your alcohol intake, then welcome to the world of functional alcoholics because you are one


If you have ever gotten annoyed when someone remarked that you are taking rather too much or have been neglecting your other duties because you love the bottle too much then you are as good as any alcoholic at the rehab


If you have ever had any guilt feelings that maybe your alcoholic intake is affecting others negatively or embarrassing them, then you need to quit taking it altogether


This is the part where I found out that I too are an alcoholic. Why? Because I always tend to take alcohol to open up; to feel more relaxed with strangers, to meet people for business meetings and to calm my nerves.

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Written by Kelvin James

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