How to Repair Damaged Nails

Before you know how to repair damaged nails, it is best to know the factors that cause this to happen and prevent them. Causes of nail damage are divided into two categories: internal (physical problems) and external (environment), which are described below.

1. Identify Internal Pathogens to Repair Damaged Nails

According to dermatologists, your nails are very unlikely to be damaged due to internal factors and physical problems; But knowing these factors will help you never get into trouble.

Among the internal factors that cause nail damage are lack of essential vitamins in the body or physical weakness. To find out if the cause of the nail injury is related to the inside of the body or not; There are not many methods; But one thing will help you a lot. The interactions of the body that damage the nails have a great effect on the toenails. So you can find out the cause of the injury by examining the condition of the toenails . If the toenails are healthy and without fractures, then the nail damage is due to external factors, which we have described in the following method of repairing the damaged nail.

2. Examining External Harmful Factors for Nails

On the contrary, internal factors in the environment are many factors that affect the health of your nails . Knowing them will certainly help a lot in repairing damaged nails.

Certainly one of the most important causes of broken, scratched and damaged nails is the collision of nails with objects around us. The hands are the first part of the body to come into contact with objects, and the nails on the fingertips of each hand are the most damaged in these collisions. Sometimes you may not have touched a body at all, but you may experience a broken or scratched nail. The proximity of the nails to the surrounding objects causes this to happen.

Another cause of nail damage is excessive nail contact with strong detergents . If you are one of those people who wash dishes without gloves or come into contact with harsh and acidic liquids such as bleach without hand protectors , wait for the consequences.

Exfoliation or the use of artificial nails is very common among women ; But sometimes doing the same things improperly can also damage your nails.

Now that we have reviewed the causes of nail damage, join us to explore ways to repair a damaged nail.

How to Fix Nail Cracks With Glue?

There are many ways you can repair your nails. This is easier when your nails are just cracked and not broken. But repairing damaged nails requires information that we have described in the following methods of repairing cracked nails.

1. Repair Damaged Nails With Tea Bags

In this method, you only need a tea bag to repair damaged nails. Also, your nails should be free of extra layers such as gloss, artificial nails and.. If you have the above conditions, then get to work. Remove the punch from the top of the tea bag and empty all the contents into a tube so that only the paper shell remains. Cut a piece of paper on a tea bag the size of a nail and half the length of the nail. Place the paper on the top half of your nail and stick it on the damaged nail with a little nail glue .

Now with a few slow motion nail file to remove the nail from the top teabag paper added. This will place the tea paper in the size and shape of your nails on the affected area. Apply a little nail glue or gloss varnish again on the tea paper bag to hold it firmly in place .

By sticking tea bag paper on the damaged nail, you will protect it from further breakage and damage. For more beautiful nails, you can apply a varnish of the desired color on it.

2. Nail Repair With Silk Shaper

One method of repairing damaged nails is silk shaping, which is like repairing nails with a tea bag . To use this tool, first clean the nail with alcohol and stick the silk shaper from the top of the nail to the front. Then modify its shape to fit the shape and shape of your nails and cut off the extra parts with scissors. Finally, you should smooth the protrusions on the nails with a razor and varnish for the beauty of the nails .

3. Repair Damaged Nails With Artificial Nails

The easiest way to repair damaged nails is to use artificial nails. In this method, the underside of the artificial nail should be completely clean and without bumps. Clean the nails with alcohol and trim the bumps with a flat file and trim the nails. Then stick the artificial nail on your broken nail using special nail glue .

How to Remove Cracked Nails Without Glue?

Although nail glue is the best way to repair damaged nails; But if you do not have the conditions to use it, you can repair your nails without glue. Here are two ways to repair damaged nails without nail glue.

1. Use Nail Polish

Sometimes the nail damage is the size of a superficial scratch . In this case, you do not need nail glue. We suggest you use nail polish remover . To repair a damaged nail, first clean the surface of the nail and cover it with nail polish. You can do this again to make your nails more beautiful after they are dry.

2. Use Nail Manicure Gel to Repair Damaged Nails

Lightless gel or manicure gel, which can also be used at home, is effective in repairing nails. For the use of gel manicure to a spray activator for nails need; When repairing nails , clean the surface well and completely cover the damaged part of the nail with lightless gel. Then spray the activator on it and after a few minutes , repeat the same process for more strong nails.

How to Repair Broken Nails?

When the nail is fragmented or a corner of the nail is broken, you have no choice but to level the deleted and remaining parts. In this case, to repair the damaged nail with a razor, smooth the remaining parts of the nail together and cover the surface with nail polish.

A short but healthy nail is much more beautiful than long but half-broken nails. Varnish on your short but beautiful nails to make it more beautiful than before.

How to Prevent Nail Damage?

Just pay attention to how vulnerable the nails are. If you use gloves while working and washing dishes, your nails will no longer be damaged by detergents. Avoid excessive work with water, direct contact of nails with detergents and toxins, contact with sharp objects, and تا to keep nails in the healthiest condition.

If you notice that your nails have become vulnerable due to physical weakness, we recommend that you use biotin as a vitamin supplement to strengthen your nails to stabilize the condition of your nails.

Maintaining healthy nails and repairing nail damage requires great care and attention. You need to be careful and have information about repairing damaged nails so that you do not get into trouble. To take care of your skin health, we recommend that you take skin care seriously. You can also share your experiences with us for better nail health.

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