How To Tell A Good Story

I love stories.
To me,story telling is the backbone of marketing and relationship building.
We tell story every time, and our ability to tell our own story is very unique.
When someone tell a very good story, I am always inspired and that can affect my mood throughout the whole day.


So how do you tell a good story?


1. Have a clear message.

Figure out first what you want to pass on to your audience before starting your story. Great Stories comes with a clear message and a clear message is essential if you want to achieve your objectives.

2. Be Honest.

No matter what you think of yourself or your brand, don’t try to show off, rather concentrate and make sure you genuinely share your stories to your audience without any imitation.

3. The Shorter, the better.

A short story with a clear message stick longer than a story that goes on and on without any clear ending. When telling your story, think of the audience and also consider time.

4. Don’t Preach, just tell.

Your duty is to make sure that your story has a clear message, so that your audience can deduce it themselves, not you preaching the moral of your story after telling them the story.

5. Suspense and Surprise are good ingredient.

Suspense is what makes stories interesting, you must keep your audience thinking about what will happen next or else they will lose interest in your story.

6. Pick a good ending.

Not everyone will be satisfied with your ending but make sure it’s good enough to reflect everything you and your brand represent.

7. Stick to the point.

If you are tell on why you started selling apple, stick to it, don’t allow Orange to overshadow the Apple. Always remember, not all the details are relevant, just concentrate on the action and pass on your message with ease.

8. Spelling Errors Sucks.

Check each phrase, sentence, and paragraph to confirm for errors. Too many error can stain the credibility of your story.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.

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