Potential Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

Recently numerous surveys have been conducted in United States of America and Canada comprising of the data acquired regarding houses that were built before 1975 which still had aluminum wiring in placed. The statistics of such surveys showed that such houses were at 55 percent more risk of catching fire and other electrical hazards. The houses were compared to those having copper wiring in placed. The aluminum wiring deteriorates with time and resistance against the flow of current is reduced. This is result in over heating and endanger catching fire.

Why Is Aluminum Used?

There are numerous reasons for the use of aluminum for wiring purposes. One of the main reasons is that copper was very short in late 1960s and it was not assumed to be better conductor than aluminum. Therefore, builders turned themselves towards aluminum wiring for residential and commercial buildings. This is the reason why most of the houses built before 1975 are having aluminum wiring.

Signs of Warning in Aluminum Wiring

There are some thumb points that triggers an alarm that warning has been given by the wiring system. One of such warnings is flickering lights. Another sign that the wires are getting too hot. Some of the circuits or switches stops working. Smell like burning plastic is emitted from the outlets of switches and sockets in house.

Checking the Aluminum Wiring

The distinction among aluminum and copper wiring is not an easy ask because both are wrapped in plastic and then other insulations. Ideally speaking, you have to look for the words “Al” over insulation for aluminum and “cu” for copper wiring. Either you may find it easily readable on the insulation casing or you may need to peel the insulation and look inside. However, if you are still not sure of the type of wiring then call an electrician immediately.

Solution to the Problem

By the time when you are aware of the wiring type at your house, you have to find solution immediately. First step to take is calling an experienced and certified electrician. Give electrician visit of entire house and let him inspect the wiring system. If electrician is satisfied with the quality of wiring then you are not supposed to change wiring. However, if electrician suggest the wiring to be changed, then don’t wait and switch to copper wiring immediately.

Another solution can be process known as “pig-tailing”. This process is comprising of adhering smaller strips of copper wires to each end of aluminum wiring through special connectors known as COPALUM. The COPALUM connector is being installed through use of a metal sleeve and tool for crimping which is usually used for cold welding. This technique is very safe and is also considered a permanent solution. However, it must be made sure that each connection of the house is included i.e. dimmers, appliances, switches, and outlets etc. This solution of COPALUM connector has been in use and is approved by authorities regarding safety as well. The solution has been in use for over 25 years now and is working fine.

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