Riding Enthusiast? 5 Must-Have Safety Shields

Riding is a culture – one that is showcasing its presence across the country. Go on the highway or an arterial road, and it’s not hard to spot a biker group. Clad in leather with just one aim – to ride the roads unknown. In the past decade, the idea of riding has evolved, and more people are now taking this approach to travel.

If you’re a riding enthusiast and go to places often or wish to be a part of a biking group someday, there are some things you need to keep in mind for your safety. Apart from the road rules and traffic sense – items such as an armor jacket and auxiliary lamps are essential. Also, the need for never-mentioned things such as a pollution mask is becoming as critical as a helmet. You can buy all these things including the pollution mask online to keep yourself completely safe.

Let’s take a look at the five safety shield all riding enthusiasts need to have

  1. Helmet

The helmet is not an accessory – it is a necessity, no matter even if the trip is five minutes long. It is mandatory by the law and the first thing every riding enthusiast should buy. Sure, you may think you look cool, or the blowing wind in your hair feels good without the helmet, but it is not worth your life.

Investing in a good helmet is investing in good health. It is a protective gear that will keep your head on your neck. Helmets come in all shapes and sizes; however, whichever you choose, make sure it complies with the BIS standards as per the government’s rule. If you end up buying an international helmet – look for SNELL or DOT ratings.

  1. Pollution Mask

Since we are going from head to toe in this list – another essential safety shield is a pollution mask. Seldom do riders think of buying a pollution mask online or even include it in their safety kit.

The declining air quality in our country is a cause of concern. 13 out of 15 most polluted cities in the world are in India. If you’re a riding enthusiast, a pollution mask is every bit important for your health. A helmet won’t protect you from what you’re breathing – so don’t skip on a pollution mask.

You can buy a pollution mask online from BreatheEasy and choose among the wide range of N99 masks that are effective and come in 15 designs – all to suit the rider in you. Also, pollution masks use the same technology that the British Army uses and fit snugly with the helmet.

  1. Armour Jacket and Trousers

It doesn’t matter if you have a 200cc or 1000cc bike – a single fall is enough to crush bones. Protecting against such damage is critical for any rider.

An armored jacket and a pair of trousers will protect against internal and external injuries to a large extent. This reinforced jacket is equipped with padding that protects back, shoulders, elbows, hips, chest and internal organs.

A pair of trousers made for riding typically have some Kevlar protection to provide safety against crashes and falls. They are made from denim, are comfortable and yet provide the protection one would need.

Also, both the armor jacket and trousers come with reflective strips that help others to see you in the dark.

  1. Gloves and Boots

Hands need proper protection as fingers and wrists are fragile. Never compromise on riding gloves as a single crash can damage the hands.

Good quality gloves provide adequate protection and are comfortable too. There are armor gloves available for both summer and winter season – so you’re never sweating or losing grip while riding.

Riding boots, on the other hand, are designed to protect ankles and feet. They are also made with armor lining and are soft from the inside, so you’re comfortable wearing them. You can choose touring boots that offer protection as well as practical use or choose track boots that provide superior protection but won’t be practical while touring.

  1. Common Sense

The most critical safety shield is using common sense while riding. Never go out touring without safety gear. No matter how carefully you ride, it would be best if you were extra vigilant of your surroundings. Never go beyond the speed limit, and always follow the traffic rules. Stick to your lane and be sane on the road. Take frequent breaks in between if you’re touring long distances.

Most riding groups in India have an excellent sense of riding and tour in the safest way possible. If you’re new to riding, connect with any of the biking groups and learn the basics.


India is slowly witnessing the rise of endurance touring, and more people are adopting riding as a hobby. Some are posting on YouTube while for others it’s merely a journey to unwind from the monotonous work life. No matter which group you belong to – make sure to abide by rules and follow all safety practices. Buy a pollution mask online if you have everything else – because it will make a huge difference that might not seem a lot before you try it! For others, everything on the list is essential. Ride safe!

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