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See the village where everyone’s a millionaire

The most advanced village of the world Huaxi is located in China’s eastern province Jiangsu. The village has a 72-storey skyscraper, helicopter, taxis, theme park and some beautiful houses.

The village is rightly called the wealthiest village of the world. Each of its 2000 residents in Pakistan has at least 1 million Yuan (150 million Pakistani rupees) and every family moving to this village is given a car and a villa by the government. But there’s a problem. If you leave this village, all of it will be taken away from you. This village is at a two-hour drive from China’s biggest city Shanghai. Huaxi was presented for years as the biggest achievement of the Communist government, which turned a poor village into the richest place of the world within half a century. The gate to the village says “Welcome to the no. 1 village under the sky”.

The village earned international media coverage when it was announced in 2003 that the volume of its economy had reached 100 billion Yuan.

One year later, Huaxi announced that the average income of its residents was 122,600 Yuan, 40 times more than an average farmer of an average Chinese village. To boast its economic might, the village built its tallest building in 2011. It is a 72-storey skyscraper and is called the hanging village of Huaxi. With a height of 328 meters, this building is taller that Eifel Tower. There’s a five-star international hotel in it too. In this 826-room hotel, there’s an area that costs 100,000 Yuan a night. There’s a thing in this hotel on the 60th floor that leaves its inhabitants in awe. This thing is a bull weighing one ton, made of pure gold.

But how did Huaxi reach here? It is still quite a mystery but a part of it was revealed in a book. Accoridng to this book, the leadership of the village took a revolutionary decision, giving all their lands on contract and threw their manpower into manufacturing industry. Huaxi not only left all the villages of the country behind after this decision but all the major cities too. In 1994, the village strengthened itself as a commercial corporation and entered various industrial sectors. In 1999, it got registered in Sehnzhen Stock Exchange. Today, most of the residents of the village are the ones working for these organisations. They are given houses, cars and all the basic necessities. However, they only get 30% of their salaries while rest of their salaries is used as investment in the companies of the village

BEIJING: (Dunya News)

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