Social Media Scheduling Tools: Top 8 Softwares

Social Media Scheduling Tools can enable you to remain involved throughout various social networks, even though the social media marketing team has called it a day. Time and tide wait for none, and the world is not going to stop while you sleep. Since information technology is taking over the globe, more and more physical work is being transferred to technology.


Thus, what makes you think that your social media networks can’t be automated?

With your various customers, multiple profiles, busy lives, and a short time, it is still important that you handle your client’s social media accounts with sheer smartness. To fulfill this requirement, you’re going to need some smart scheduling tools to take the pressure off your back.

So, here is a list of 9 social media scheduling tools that will make handling of social media accounts as easy as pie.



The top one on this list ought to be RecurPost. It is the cleanest and most effective social media scheduling tool available in the market. It allows you to schedule and share your posts across all your social media accounts. This way, you will be able to upload the content at the best time possible.

It recommends the best time to post by using an AI-based scheduling system. RecurPost has a unique feature that enables you to download weekly white-label reports. Its reposting feature helps in driving new traffic without the need for creating new content every time.


Post planner:

Post planner is a very affordable and easy to use a social media scheduling tool. It is an innovative and result oriented software. This tool aims to provide exceptional and measurable results.

You can search for the types of posts that are currently in trend by using the “Find” option. It helps in creating content without having to stress too much. This also reduces the time that you have to spend searching and planning content creation.

It is trusted by over 276,000 people to manage their content with ease.


Social Oomph:

This tool offers various features for various social media channels. It’s a perfect resource for people working in groups because you can add colleagues to your account, allocate them work, and organize people in various teams. This offers a 30-day free trial period that contains all of the premier features.

It also has the option of creating posts that will delete automatically after a particular period of time. Before using the name “Social Oomph”, it was named “Tweet Later”.



Sendible is the ultimate software to simplify your social media scheduling activities. It promises that it is more than just a social media scheduler, and helps in building social media accounts too.

Business people, freelancers, and marketing managers highly depend on this tool to schedule and manage their posts, as this software has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to navigate. This tool also measures your performance with the help of Google analytics integration system.


Meet Edgar:

Meet Edgar sets your social media scheduling activities on auto-pilot. This tool basically was created with the idea of saving time and creating consistency in social media posts. The feature of evergreen posting automatically refills your queue. Thus, your queue is never empty and you do not ever run out of new updates.

Even after your content is posted, it stores them in a categorized format. It also auto-schedules your posts which helps in increasing engagement. Meet Edgar’s support team is always available to help you with all your problems and issues.



Flexible timing and unlimited single-click reports are provided by Agorapulse. The social inbox is one of the best features of this social media scheduling tool. It enables you to go through your social media mentions. It has a special queuing system which makes bulk upload very easy and effective.

The limitation is that it allows you to manage only 3 platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, these 3 platforms can be managed in a great manner and some users have said that it has worked wonders for them.

The analytics feature will help you to find out the people that are most interested in your content.


Zoho Social:

Zoho Social says that it is the easiest way to manage your brands on social media. One of the most interesting features is that you can build a publishing schedule and view a pipeline of content. It gives you predictions of the right time to post.

The features that this tool provides are bulk and automatic scheduling, keyword tracking, multi-channel management, shortened links, and one window management. Like several other scheduling tools, Zoho social also has an analytics feature with in-built reports.



Crowdfire is a social media scheduling software that helps you in finding content and publishing it too. Its unique feature is that it provides customized post suggestions for different social media platforms.

It allows you to check out what your competitors are posting – which will help you in formulating strategy and posts. There is also an application available for both ios and android.

There are many other social media scheduling tools available from which you can use. It’s all about finding the one that fulfills your requirements in the best possible manner. Compare all the options, their features, and pricing plan to know the best tool for you.

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