Tips to Growth Hack Your Way to Become a YouTube Influencer

There are many ways to build content online and earn a return on it. This includes adsense, 3rd party revenue sharing, affiliate marketing, direct selling, services, etc.

The process can be similar, you build content and in time your content ranks for searches generates traffic which is finally used for monetization.

On youtube, you build video content and it works in the same way – the only difference that I find is that YouTube is fun! When creating content is fun – compared to writing some boring article that no one wants to ready – the process naturally becomes a lot easier. If your channel reviews stuff then you can easily order stuff online and get them delivered anywhere in the world you live by using a parcel forwarding service.

However, being fun and easy only makes the process simple – you still need to do everything properly before you can earn a return!

Here are the Top 10 Tips to Speed up your way to become a YouTube Influencer.


1) Channel Setup – This is a basic step but it still needs to be done properly. You need your channel logo and header to be relevant, your channel trailer must be catchy, short and on-topic and your videos must be properly organized on the channel page.

2) Video Length – Whatever other people tells you – if you keep your video length from 11 Mins to 15 Mins and make it worth that time – don’t drag your video unnecessarily, put enough content to make every minute count – then surely it will improve your watch time, your audience will be more engaged and you will be able to put more ads.

3) End Screens – End screen features are really helpful – make good use of those till they last. Youtube is removing good features at speed, so it is best to make use of whatever good features that are still left. Put a subscribe button in the end screen and add some relevant videos from your channel along with it. Cards are another good feature – add some related videos in the cards and space them throughout the current video.

4) Embed – This is perhaps the most unused marketing feature on Youtube. Yes, this feature is heavily used by others but creators themselves use this feature very rarely. All you need to do is, guest post on some relevant blogs and embed your video in the blog post – it does not cost anything, you just need to write a good article and pitch some bloggers who have blogs on your Niche.

5) Social Shares – There are so many sites on the internet where you can share your video. Simply spend a few minutes to sign up to those sites – make sure to spend an hour every day to build up some following – then all you need to do is, share your videos. As long as your account is in good standing in each of these sites – you will get a good response from every community.

6) Quora – Quora is technically an answers machine, but in reality, it is almost like a social network. Every social site has an algo – and if you contribute valuable content – the community will like you and as a result, your answers will trend. Naturally, with trending answers that contain links to your youtube videos – the traffic will surely flow towards your channel.

7) Social Media groups – Most social sites like – Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, etc. have a group feature where you can share your content and it gets shared to a large audience.

It is usually called different in different sites – for example, on Pinterest, it is called a group board. But the feature works well as long as you share relevant content in moderation.

Whatever tips and tricks that you apply for Youtube, just note one thing – the ultimate youtube stat is watch time. If you bring in a lot of traffic and your viewers don’t watch your video for more than a few seconds – then it is likely that your rankings will suffer. Focus more on video quality and try to retain your viewers – so that they watch the video till the end.

That is all for now, but this is the end of this article not the end to Youtube marketing. There are many more ways you can promote your Youtube videos – so stay tuned and will cover them all.

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Written by Uttoran Sen

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