Top 4 Bodyweight Leg Exercises For Muscular Legs

When using targeted leg exercises, you can build strong legs and add strength to the lower part of your body. You can use go to a gym and use their equipment. Otherwise, you can stay in the comfort of your home and do bodyweight leg exercises without using any equipment whatsoever. Some of the body’s largest muscles are found in the legs. Choose specific exercises that will act on the quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and hip stabilizers, among other muscles. Besides doing workouts to build strong legs, using some top-notch steroids such as oxandrolone will go a long way.

Warnings about bodyweight leg exercises:

You have to do intensive workouts

You will not get the well-built strong legs without training intensively, consistently, and often. There are no shortcuts or magic; just hard and effective work. Whichever exercise you choose, you must work hard.

Diet is essential for muscle growth

For muscle mass growth, you need to consume excess proteins, keep yourself well hydrated, and eat foods rich in minerals and vitamins. Eat plenty of veggies to ensure you take in a sufficient amount of fiber.

Resting is crucial

Muscles are not built during a workout, but while recovering. To facilitate muscle growth, make sure you sleep enough, especially during the night.

Consistency is everything

Consistency is even more important than intensity. You must put in steady efforts to attain any worthy results. Make regular exercises a part of your daily life.

The exercises

Below are some exercises that do not utilize any machine or weights from outside the body. On the contrary, they influence leverage, take advantage of weight-per-limb distribution, and utilize asymmetry to exert more weight on muscle groups. These exercises will build your leg muscles.

Single leg squat

To do a single squat, use a single leg to stand on a low bench, letting the other leg to hang freely at the side. Then, bring your arms to the front, squat with the standing leg until your hamstrings touch your calf, as the other leg that is not squatting goes down and in front of you. Take a few seconds squatting before getting back up to the standing position. Complete your set of 5 reps then change to the other leg. Take 5 sets per leg. The single leg squat helps to strengthen the hamstrings and other leg muscles.

“Skater” Squat

This is a single-leg squat modification where the non-squatting leg is positioned behind the exerciser rather than in front. This change impacts on the motion pattern. It’s similar to a bodyweight leg press, and brings a special challenge in relation to leverage and stability. To carry out a skater squat, stand up on one foot while the other is hanging behind you and bent at the knee. Spread your arms out, bend forward and squat with your standing leg, bringing your other knee downwards behind you. Pause for a while, keeping your knee about an inch above the ground, then rise up and do 5 reps to complete a set. Change to the other leg, and do the same. Perform 5 reps per leg. Be cautious while going down slowly to prevent any possible impact on your rear knee, and ensure you subject both legs to uniform training.


Lunges facilitate strength building, enhanced stability, and increase flexibility by having the hips divided in two. The muscles involved include the hamstrings, quads, glutes, and hip stabilizers. To execute lunges, take a standing position, have one leg step forwards, and bend both knees at an angle of 90 degrees. The shin of the front leg should be vertical and the knee not past the toes. Your upper body needs to be upright and tall, and not bent forward, keeping the core firm. When changing over the legs, let the heel of the front leg go to the ground, and rise up to your original position. A box or a bench can come in handy to ease things for those with an issue with flexibility.

Single-leg hip raise

This workout strengthens the abs, hips, glutes, and the lower back. Take a lying position on your back, while your arms are at your side, palms facing upward. Have the right knee bent and the foot flat on the ground. Lift the left leg and make it be in line with the right thigh. As you squeeze your glutes, raise your hips to have your body, knees, and shoulders straight. Maintain this position for 5 seconds and take your body down to the ground. Repeat the exercise on the alternate leg.

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