7 tips for first-time travelers to Australia on a low budget


Travelling Australia is a dream for many, and when you finally get to fulfill it, you’ll find that it’s just as rewarding and exciting as you thought. But the dream can quickly come crashing back to reality when you run out of money halfway through your tour. Here are seven budget tips for first-time travelers.

1. Forget hotels

The first thing you want to do is to cut down any unnecessary expense from your trip. Hotels are definitely unnecessary. The prices are inflated, and the quality level scan often is poorer than you would expect. In order to avoid this, you can try a number of different options. Our first tip is to try renting a room, like anyone coming to live in the area. This is a really great idea for travelers who are staying around long-term. You can even get a bit of work in the local area if your visa allows it, to save up more funds before you move on.

2. Surf couches

If you don’t want to stay for long, you can also save money on hotels by using the sharing economy. Sharing community sites allow people with a spare room – whether it’s a bedroom, an empty garage, a basement, storage, an attic, or so on – to rent it out to people who need somewhere to stay. You can use this as a way to move around cheaply, and if you bring your own sleeping bag, you can literally sleep anywhere.

3. Eat at lunch

Usually, most cultures prefer eating a mid-sized or small lunch and then a larger dinner. As a result, prices are often higher in the evening, especially at buffet-style eateries where you can eat as much as you like. Beat the crowds and the prices by filling up at lunch, not at dinner. Not only will you save money on the meal itself, but you might also be able to fill up so much you don’t need much of a dinner at all.

4. Use happy hour

Happy hour still exists in most bars and pubs across Australia. This is an hour – or, more often, two –where you get to buy drinks with a special deal. Usually, it will be two for one, or something similar. If you’re planning to make a night of it, order a larger number of drinks so that you can work your way through them after happy hour ends without having to pay extra.

5. Cook for yourself

If you get a single gas burner camping stove, or if you have access to a microwave, you can cook so many things for yourself. It’s a lot cheaper to shop for ingredients in the local shops and then make your own food than it is to eat in a restaurant, especially in the major cities.

6. Eat BBQ

Public BBQs are often free to use. How handy is that? You just bring the meat, utensils, and foil to cook on. There’s no extra cost for the cooking!

7. Buy a car

Are we really advising you to buy a car? Yep – and it could really pay off. Buy a cheap, second-hand car (though make sure you know it’s roadworthy and will go the distance). Travel around as much as you like, only having to pay for fuel. At the end of your trip, sell the car off. If you bargain well, you might even make a profit!

How easy is it to save money while travelling to Australia? These tips should really help you go further, no matter how small your budget might be.

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Written by Emma Lewis

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